Friday 5: Pandemic daze

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early in the lockdown, i thought skulls were an appropriate mask theme. i own several skulls masks.
  1. Where do you get most of your pandemic-related news?
    I read Google News a couple of times a day, clicking only links to sources I believe in. I subscribe to the online editions of the Washington Post and the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, ‘though for local news on the pandemic, I’m more likely to go to KITV 4 News. The Star-Ad’s mobile app is kind of a pain to deal with.
  2. How do you feel about your local government’s leadership during this pandemic?
    I know a lot of my fellow residents will disagree, but on the whole I think it has been almost as good as could be expected. Our governer is a terrible communicator, yet overall, we erred on the side of safety, and I’m here for it. It helps that our lieutenant governor is a physician, and his daily lectures kind of gave me more confidence that at least informed knowledge was in the decision-making room. The mayor’s gotten all kinds of hate, and I get it, but this is an unusual city. Our geography is the reason for the economy, and our geography is one reason we’ve been able to keep numbers comparatively low. We have laws about bringing in non-native pests, and they can seem crazy restrictive, but we also have never had an instance of rabies on this island. You wanna mess with that? I don’t. I say this because the seeming dick-ness of the mayor may actually have been necessary. He just didn’t do a great job of communicating it well, although his “no peaches on beaches” was pretty brilliant.
  3. What does your favorite mask look like, and about how many masks have you accumulated?
    I think I have close to twenty. I like most of them quite a bit, but the ones I’ve worn the most are my two Las Vegas Raiders masks (one black with white print; the other white with black print), my Oakland Atlhetics Masks, and my My Neighbor Totoro mask. I like the designs but what really does it for me is the way they fit, and the ease with which they slip on.
  4. Where have you most often had takeout during this pandemic?
    Counting drive-throughs, it’s undoubtedly McD’s, which I’ve gone to at least once a week, but more like twice a week, since this lockdown began. I do my laundry in a laundromat each week, and McD’s has been my distraction of choice while my clothes do their tumbling dance at 3:00 in the morning. Not counting drive-throughs, it’s probably Rainbow Drive-In because it’s super close to home.
  5. What new interests, skills, or hobbies have you picked up since mid-March?
    I’ve always loved cooking, but this stupid lockdown has sent me seeking new dishes and new methods, which has been interesting. I’ve also set up two new blogs which I haven’t begun posting to yet because who has time for that anymore? They may never launch. They were sort of spontaneous what-am-I-going-to-do-with-this-day decisions. But I’ll announce them here if I do kick them into motion.
this was advertised as a darth vader mask, but it really doesn’t look like vader to me. reminds me of the album cover for fates warning’s The Spectre Within album, which is even better.

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