Lockdown: ‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky

I took two hours of vacation Thursday morning to do some car stuff, but I slept so miserably Wednesday night that I got up to do a couple of things and just went back to bed and slept in. Terrible.

The car stuff will have to wait.

I worked on some staff newsletter stuff, reread some emails I hadn’t paid much attention to the day before, and had a phone call and a Zoom meeting. They were all okay.

Mostly vegged after work. Did one very quick chore and thought about doing the car stuff I didn’t do in the morning, but opted instead to finish watching the Raiders-Chargers game. Pretty good game even if the outcome wasn’t nice.

I was the only person who showed up for the NaNo Skype, which is fine. I wasn’t really up to writing anything formal. I kind of goofed off with some record review ideas, then spent the time journaling while my new Jimi Hendrix Blu-Ray played.

Unfortunately, the steamed kale in my fridge is still quite unspoiled, so breakfast was an omelette with kale, radish sprouts, extra sharp cheddar, and kimchi. It was good. I wasn’t sure without some kind of meat it would work, but I didn’t even notice the absence of animal flesh.

Omelettes are one of my favorite breakfasts. I started making them in high school, and made them a lot in college and early in my teaching career. It had been quite a while, though, so it was fun. A good breakfast and satisfying to prepare.

Lunch was a bowl of pasta, the other half of the bag I opened a couple of weeks ago (I think — what is time anyway?). Threw in some jarred sauce and stirred in some blue cheese and vodka. Delicious and satisfying. I skipped dinner but I’m getting a little hungry as I write this so I may have a small quesadilla if I’m up to it.

Sharon texted me to say thanks for the Christmas gift and card I sent to her desk in one of our on-campus offices. We still have a few people on campus, so a courier picks stuff up once a day and delivers it.

Crush Girl texted me to talk about a few different things. We chatted a little in the morning and then more in the evening. It was nice. I’m still trying to convince her to see Ted Lasso. She saw the first episode on my recommendation and liked it, but you know. It doesn’t get awesome until one or two more episodes in.

This week went by kind of quickly. Difficult to believe it’s Friday already, and only a week before Christmas. I still have a few things to take care of. Might take a day off from work next week. Depends on how things go with my car.

Holidays, shmolidays; am I right? Actually I’m looking forward to them. And if you need some connection in the dying days of 2020, leave a comment. Don’t be alone and miserable.

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