Lockdown: The wheel deal

I tried to keep it mellow, unplanned, and flexible for Saturday. Went to sleep far too late Friday night, but set an alarm so I wouldn’t sleep the whole day away. Woke up at nine, got out of bed about forty-five minutes later. When I realized I didn’t actually have to be anywhere or do anything, I went back to bed for another hour and a half. Heavenly.

Why do I sleep so much better when I go back to bed?

The call never came, so none of the things I thought I might do once I got the wheels back materialized. Just kind of floated about the house. Read the news. Did the crossword (my third failed Saturday in a row — I am not happy), listened to music (Fates Warning and Taylor Swift). Caught up a few times on all my phone games. Took a little nap. Texted friends.

I had a late breakfast because I got out of bed so late. Made a lovely bowl of penne with jarred sauce, vodka, blue cheese, brown sugar, and dried garlic flakes. For lunch I made a huge pot of quinoa. Stirred in a bunch of steamed kale and a little bit of extra sharp cheddar. Topped it with a couple of fried eggs. Unintentionally meatless day.

My coworker Kapio texted in response to a message I sent Friday. Sharon and I texted a few times — I told her I still didn’t have my car back, so our plans for me to let her into the office would have to be in flux. I might have to lend her my keys so she can do what she needs to do.

Ali and I texted all day. What we’re reading. How we’re doing. Stuff like that. It was good, mostly. Crush Girl texted to talk about some of her work stuff, and later to tell me what she was watching Saturday evening. It was nice too.

It’s only 10:30 in the evening and I still have time to write. Think I’ll work on a few things before bed.

Don’t pandemic alone. Please reach out if you need some connection. Leave a comment; I’ll send contact details.

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