Lockdown: Ready, willing, and bagel

Tuesday night I slept terribly for the first half of the night and then okay for the rest. Got things rolling at work (emails, mostly) and drove to Lox of Bagels to pick up a couple of bagel sandwiches. Breakfast was a lox and cream cheese sandwich on a whole wheat bagel, with everything. Delicious. Lunch was a roast beef sandwich on a sesame bagel. Also delicious.

Work was decently productive. Nothing like Tuesday, but also nothing like Monday. The training on Zoom was okay. The December staff newsletter went out in email in the early afternoon, and I got a couple of emails from coworkers in response. Some of my colleagues apprecaite the monthly one-minute writing tip I write.

When work was done, I got right to work getting stuff ready to do laundry and refill my drinking water. Did the full bleach-rinse thing on all thirteen gallon jugs. Packed the laundry. Skipped dinner since I knew I’d be hitting the McD’s drive-though on my way to the laundromat.

I did have a few taro chips for a snack.

I had enough time to read a little and do the Thursday NYT crossword early. Turned in shortly after nine o’clock.

Crush Girl and I texted most of the day. I helped her brianstorm some gift ideas for a mutual friend. We talked a little about lunch and stuff we’re reading.

Except for journaling and work stuff, I didn’t do any writing, but that was part of the deal for December anyway: I wasn’t going to do any creative writing on laundry nights. This is only the second laundry night of December for me. Wish I could say it was only the second night I didn’t write anything.

Leave a comment if you need someone to connect with in these pandemic days of auld lang syne, whatever that means!

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