Lockdown: More texts about buildings and food

The day after the day wasn’t a whole lot better. I didn’t have the TV on all day, but I had it on for a good chunk of the day, on mute almost all the time.

I can’t believe this is our country.

I don’t remember how I slept but I’m sure it was terribly. Around 3:30 I woke up and did some doomscrolling. Around 4:30 I decided I was up for the day, since I planned to run to Longs early and grab a few things. My carport light is out and I can’t get the stupid cover off, which annoys me because I remember the last time I changed the bulb I intentionally didn’t screw the screws in very tightly to make it easier. I needed WD-40 or some other penetrating oil, which also annoys me because I know I have an enormous can of it somewhere.

Times is supposed to have kupuna hours from five to seven every morning, but when I asked the shopping cart attendant if they were still in effect, she had no idea what I was talking about. So I went in, but as I entered I saw the sign taped to the sliding door expressing that kupuna hours were from five to seven. Oops.

I didn’t pick up a lot. Diet Pepsi was the main objective, plus some veggies I’d be most likely to consume before they go bad.

Hit the McD’s drive-though for breakfast, which I ate at my desk while getting a very early start.

I still had to finish that proposal. It’s for a pretty big ask (millions). After a couple of hours, I couldn’t keep going, so I took a short nap break (like an hour) and got back to it, finally getting it submitted just past one, when I’d sorta promised I’d have it done in the morning.

We sent it back and forth through the day, making little adjustments through five or six drafts. It’s part of the work.

I had a training on Zoom, then more work on the proposal.

It was hard work. It was strenuous while not especially difficult. I can’t explain it.

I skipped lunch for some reason, then had a slice of caramel apple pie for dinner. Much later, I had a quesadilla for a late snack.

I spent most of the evening crashed in bed, then got up to defrost the fridge. It’s been needing it for a week at least. Took about an hour for the actual defrosting, then another half hour cleaning up and putting stuff back. It felt good to get it done.

I’ve been listening to Lita Ford lately, but Thursday night it was all about the Ocean’s 2020 album Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic / Cenozoic. That and podcasts kept me going Thursday.

Crush Girl and I texted a few times, talking about food, family, and work. There was some chatting in the Suzanne-Cindy-Julie group text but I sat it out because I was trying to work.

I’ve actually written my resolutions. I’ll post them sometime this weekend. Too tired to keep writing now.

Leave a comment. If you want. To connect. With someone. During these outrageous pandemic-insurrection days. The world is going insane but you don’t have to.

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