Lockdown: “Old-fashoned superstitions…”

Tuuuuuuuueeeeeeesdaaaaaaaaaay. I managed about five hours of decent sleep, which given my record lately I’ll take. Got busy on some web stories. The photos take the most time when there are many of them. The social media stuff takes the second-most, usually. If the copy is long, it often takes a while to read it and edit it for our website’s style. It’s all pretty tedious, but I kind of enjoy it. Doesn’t take much creativity, and it comes from a different part of my brain from where the story writing emerges. It’s a nice way to let that writing brain rest a little.

The plan was to turn in early (again) and get to the laundry. I just took too long getting stuff done, and since I wasn’t in bed by nine, I kind of wrote the laundry off until later in the week. I couldn’t do any journaling (my websites all being down) and went to bed early-ish.

That was honestly pretty much my Tuesday. I get most days off to a late start, and if I go to bed early in hopes of getting to the laundry or beach, I don’t do anything with my evening downtime.

I sent some video of pandas in the D.C. zoo playing in snow in texts to Sharon and to Crush Girl. It led to some smalltext, nothing very deep or meaningful, but it was fine. Just reaching out and reinforcing contact is good enough sometimes. Jennifer texted me some photos of her movie posters, finally hung on her condo walls. They look great! I’m pretty sure they’re movie-poster-sized, too, which is impressive. Movie posters are a lot bigger than most people realize.

Crush Girl also asked me what I thought of The Goonies. It’s been on a lot of Hawaii people’s minds lately, as this new Netflix film Finding Ohana is being described as The Goonies meet Hawaii. I actually never saw the movie until my 30th birthday, one night at Ross’s house with George, Traci, Valerie, and Ross. I think Cathy was there too. Anyway, it was fine, but because I saw it so late, I’m not as cultic about it as others my age.

I mentioned that my favorite thing about it was the theme song by Cyndi Lauper — my fifth favorite Cyndi Lauper song. She didn’t know what song I was talking about, so I sent her the video. Still a great song! Not so great a video in retrospect, although it certainly brought waves of nostalgia. It features a lot of pro wrestlers who’ve since died: Classy Freddie Blassie, Captain Lou Albano, the Fabulous Moolah, Nikolai Volkoff, and Rowdy Roddy Piper. Sad.

I don’t know if she watched the video, but I hope she did. People should know Cyndi Lauper’s songs.

Breakfast and lunch were pork carnitas tacos. I pretty much finished off the carnitas. They were so good. I think I’m going to make them again very soon, as in the next time I hit the grocery store. I was planning to skip dinner because I was going to bed early, but when plans changed, I had a bowl of instant ramen (Sapporo tonkotsu flavor) with a huge pile of bean sprouts and three baby bok choys.

I’m writing this late Thursday night. The laundry saga continues with Wednesday’s recap, and I’m telling you now I’m still annoyed by the whole thing. I’ll get to it later.

Leave a comment if you need someone to connect with. We’re going on eleven months in this pandemic. Eleven months! Geez, how are we all making it?

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