Lockdown: In garbage, out of garbage

Holy moly. Saturday night’s sleep was half great and half terrible. I don’t know what’s going on with me. I fall asleep with Darth Vader and do really well. Then I wake up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason (although I suspect the headgear is too tight, and I’m waking up from discomfort) and have the dangest time getting back to sleep.

So Sunday I oozed out of bed in the late morning and immediately heated a bowl of leftover kabocha-carrot-chicken soup. It was better after a few days in the fridge, all that gingery goodness speading itself out.

I’d already done the crossword, thanks to my ridiculous sleep schedule, hours before turning in Saturday, so I did the Sunday L.A. Times puzzle, which was pretty good, ‘though I got one square wrong.

I spent a lot of time reading news and dealing with the failed impeachment trial. There was some interesting, encouraging commentary, and I’m just going hold on to that for a little while, clinging ever to the sunnier side of doubt, and all that.

I watched the first half hour of this terrible movie called The Apple. At first I couldn’t remember what made me put it in my queue, except that it was a campy movie musical. Then I saw it was a produced by Cannon Pictures. A few years ago I saw this fascinating documentary called Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films, and I must have looked through their catalog for more appealing titles.

Anyway, I like bad films, but this one’s really, really bad, and I may not be able to finish it. If I have some time Monday, I’ll give it another try.

Took a nap then headed for the beach about an hour before sunset. The weather was somewhere between normal and bleak most of the day, although there hadn’t really been any rain. I didn’t know if this bade well for how crowded things would be. It was a Sunday before a Monday holiday, but it was also Valentine’s Day, so who knew what was going on down there?

The Kewalo end was pretty busy and rather teeming with activity, but the Magic Island end, near the pavillions, was pleasantly sparse with humans. My first and fourth favorite stalls down there were both wide open, so I grabbed my A+ stall and got wet.

It was pretty gross. Even a bit grosser than last Sunday, which I said was right at my limit for grossness. But I was in, and I needed the time, so I kept going. Except for one fairly large patch of floaty nature garbage, It wasn’t too bad out by the buoys. I swam a good distance mostly without encountering other people, and went pretty hard for about a third of it.

Cruised in, took a long, cold shower, and headed for the office.

I needed food, but it was Sunday, and the places I had in mind closed at eight, at least on a regular Sunday. I didn’t want to call a bunch of places on Valentine’s Day. So for the first time since they moved in about a year and a half ago, I ordered takeout from Karai Crab, which is directly above our basement office, in the space Cafe Sistina occupied for twenty years.

Ordered the cioppino and a side of rice. It was delicious. I updated software, set out some snacks for the coworkers, did a little bit of file organizing, a little bit of long-term thinking, and a little bit of vegging.

Man, I got out of there late. I don’t know where the time went, but that’s sort of a normal thing for me on Sunday nights. Didn’t get home until nearly 12:30.

I did Monday’s crossword, drank a lot of water, worked on the Spelling Bee, goofed around on my phone, and got to bed around 3:00. Progress?

JB texted to say he’s reading Animal Farm for the first time. I sent him a little encouragement and told him some of the characters are based on historical figures, according to Orwell. Julie mentioned in the Julie-Suzanne-Cindy group text that she’s listening to the audiobook of the book Cindy recommended a few days ago. You gotta love book talk in texting conversations. I wish people would just text me what they’re reading every day and what they think of it so far, without my asking.

I group-texted Grace and Penny to ask if their parents had their shots yet. Among us, I’m the only one whose parents have had both doses.

I had the munchies before bed, but rather than go to one of my usual midnight munchies options, I had a snack-sized Twix and a fun-sized Butterfinger. My coworker left a birthday gift on my desk — a nice, large mug with I survived another meeting that could have been an email on it, and she threw in a few candies. The two small candy bars did the job. Earlier, of course, I had my three clementines and six dried apricots. I think it was right after the soup, since the soup was kind of a small serving.

If you need someone to connect with, I’ve got the bandwidth. Leave a comment and I’ll send you contact deets.

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