Lockdown: I tofu**ed up

They should all be three-day weekends.

The good feeling I had Monday carried over into Monday night and most of Tuesday. I dropped off to sleep later than I should have, but still got just over six hours of good sleep. It’s less than ideal but it’s more than I’ve been getting. And I still woke up a couple of times in the middle of the night for no apparent reason.

I wrote that I had clementines and dried apricots for breakfast Monday, but I got that wrong. Those were my morning snack. Breakfast was the rest of my chicken-carrot-kabocha soup. Delicious, and definitely a keeper.

Tuesday morning I drove to Taco Bell for breakfast, for the first time in a while. It was great! Get the breakfast Crunchwrap thing; I think it’s the best thing on the breakfast menu.

Worked on my student profiles, mostly, then did some long-term thinking about how we name and archive our old proposals. Posted a news release on our website but am standing by for photos. Sent a few emails.

After work I took a nap, then did a couple of work tasks I’d procrastinated on. Listened to some music and labored over the Spelling Bee, which was driving me nuts. Couldn’t find the pangram until the very end, which pushed me over the genius line. Belittlement. Geez.

I don’t remember why I stayed up until nearly four in the morning, but it wasn’t because I was doing anything important or meaningful. My brain just wasn’t ready.

I hate my brain sometimes.

I didn’t really have lunch, but I think I had three dinners, or one dinner in three courses, with long breaks in between. I had a head of broccoli I needed to consume pretty much immediately, so I blanced that and just ate it by itself. Broccoli’s one of my favorite foods but I have to remind myself once in a while. If I had someone else to prepare it for me the way I like it, I’d eat it every day. I know this doesn’t make sense, since blanching something in salt water is almost the least preparation you can do on a veggie.

A couple of hours later, I had some firm tofu with kimchi. I love a cold dinner like this sometimes, and it was great. For reasons I’m embarrassed to admit, I had to eat the tofu right away too, because it was on the border. Okay, the reason is when I brought it home from the tofu factory Saturday, I left it in my trunk and took a long nap! The only thing that got me actually out of bed was remembering I had three cartons of tofu in the hot trunk of my car. Ugh. Negated all the reasons for picking it up at the factory.

Firm tofu has a much shorter shelf life, so it went first. Soft tofu, of which I still have two cartons, lasts a bit longer and I’m hoping five hours in my hot trunk had less of an impact. We’ll find out Wednesday evening!

Then a couple of hours later, when I was already overdue for bed, I had a couple of lazy (microwaved) quesadillas. I could probably just have gone to bed and been fine, but I caved in to the munchies. It’s a battle I lose about half the time.

I texted Crush Girl to ask how her weekend was, and didn’t hear back. It was kind of late, like 9:30 in the evening, so I didn’t really expect to.

As I said, I eventually got to sleep shortly after four, and only because it was getting ridiculous and I had to.

Reach out if you need someone to connect with. Leave a comment. I’ll email you with contact info. You don’t need to be untethered in this bizarre time if you don’t wish to be.

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