Friday 5: Brr!

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  1. What will you remembrr about this past week?
    If last weekend counts as part of the week (and why wouldn’t it?), I’ll remember that for the first time in quite a while, I had pretty close to an ideal weekend, all things considered. There was zero socializing, of course, and no cafe time or anything, but it was such a good balance of getting stuff done, having fun, and resting that I’m hoping to do it again this weekend, taking a vacation day to make it my second three-day weekend in a row.
  2. What’s trying its best to clobbrr you these days?
    Two respondents have already said what I’m feeling. Lots of COVID fatigue. I’m not a very social person, but even I need some human interaction once in a long while. What I really miss is the anonymous social existence I thrive on: going to the movies by myself among people I don’t know (not too many, please). Reading a book with a latte in a semi-crowded cafe. Writing on my laptop in a boba joint. Even trying to focus on my work while some of my coworkers chatter in nearby cubes. But yeah, friends and family too. It’s an enormous relief that my parents are nearly two weeks past their second shots and they’re already taking advantage by getting out a little more.
  3. What’s going on in the neighbrrhood?
    Lots of infrastructure work at the main intersection near my house. It won’t get close enough to my house to bug me, but it effects nearly every excursion, including the trip I just took for Taco Bell breakfast. I actually don’t mind it much because everyone’s driving super carefully, and my trips are short enough. I also suspect the neighbors are talking about my front yard, which has become a forest of weeds taller than me. It’s a horrible eyesore, but I’m just a tenant and my landlord takes care of the yard. I hope people realize this, but I don’t think they do. I have new neighbors across the street and across the other street (I live on a corner).
  4. When were you recently required to summon some brravery?
    My job requires some brravery nearly every day. I write stuff needing other people’s approval, and I put enough of myself into it that nearly every time I seek it, I’m putting myself on the line. Within my department it’s not so bad, since we’re all doing it. I think it’s one reason our department gets along well. We have to trust each other to be honest and critical in order for our work to be its best. Passing the work along to development officers, donors, recipients, and academics is a bit daunting sometimes, especially when I assert my own writing judgment, overriding the suggestions of others. Also: getting groceries every couple of weeks. Yow.
  5. Over what will you happily labrr this weekend?
    I have a book review and two film reviews to write. Also, I’m working on this huge Spotify playlist for playing in the background while I work. I want it to be days long, to minimize repeats. It’s all songs I’m familiar with but don’t hear often so I won’t be bored. Familiarity helps so I’m not distracted by it. Not hearing the songs often helps in those lulls between tasks where I can spare a few moments to think about what I’m hearing. Anyway, I think it’s near 18 hours in duration and I’m only up to artists whose names begin with D. It’s pretty fun work.

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