Lockdown: Bark at a crow

The thing I couldn’t write about is finished. I was house- and dog-sitting for my folks, who exactly two weeks after receiving their second shots, took a little staycation at the military-owned resort in Waikiki. It wasn’t because of the shots; it was because Tuesday was their 53rd anniversary. The shots made them feel safe enough to do it, though.

And thank goodness. They’ve been good about keeping away from humanity, except for trips to the navy commissary for groceries every other week or so. My dad does it willingly; my mom wasn’t built for isolation. She’s been a bit down.

Of course I said I’d be happy to watch the house and dog. I’m always happy to do it, since their house is far nicer than mine. Also I love them and I love the dog.

I looked forward to the change of scenery as much as they looked forward to theirs.

So now it’s Thursday night, just past midnight as I write about Tuesday, if I can remember it. I’ve got the new Evergrey album, Escape of the Phoenix, playing in the background. It’s good! I knew it would be. I preordered the CD and it hasn’t gotten here yet.

I took vacation Tuesday, so Monday night I was up much too late. Maybe not a great idea since I got so little sleep Sunday night, but whatever.

The dog, who adores me, was clearly stressed about my folks not being there. My parents say whenever I drive up the hill to the house, the dog recognizes the sound of the engine and knows it’s me (I drive a rather loud car, I’m embarrassed to admit) and runs to the top of the steps to wait for me.

He did not want to hang out with me Monday evening, though. Wouldn’t eat his dinner. Stayed outside on the lanai most of the night. When I closed the back door (his sign that someone’s leaving the house or it’s time for bed) and turned out the light, he ran to the parents’ bedroom and jumped on my mom’s bed, where he sleeps. It was really cute.

I left him alone. Set up a mattress in the living room, arranged my Darth Vader machine, and went uneasily to sleep. It takes me a couple of nights to get used to sleeping there when nobody’s home. I stress a little about making sure the house is secure.

When I woke up a couple of hours later, I saw him watching me from the couch. I said, “Hey, come over here,” and he ran over, jumped into the mattress, and cozied up alongside me.

He was still there when I got out of bed Tuesday around eight or nine, which impressed me since my folks are up much, much earlier than that. I put his breakfast out but he wouldn’t touch it.

I really looked forward to several takeout meals during my stay, since I’ve mostly been away from Aiea going on a year. Breakfast was takeout from Button Up Cafe in Pearl City. I got the short rib loco moco (it’s a Hawaii thing) and ugh. I should have gotten something else. I had the short rib loco the last time I visited two and a half years ago, and didn’t love it.

It was okay, but my stomach was upset and I didn’t finish it.

I spent some of the morning doing work emails even though I was on vacation. Just wanted to keep up with a few things. Took a little nap, then came back to my house for a few hours. Mostly to catch up on sleep, I’m afraid, but also to do some house things.

On the way back to the dog, I kept thinking of places to get dinner, but the thought of food made me ill. I made the very mature, grown-up decision to worry about dinner if I got hungry; not to get dinner someplace interesting just because I was in the neighborhood. This made me feel tinges of missing out, but mostly it relieved me.

I put the dog’s dinner out and he wouldn’t even look at it, but he did hang around near me most of the time. Alternated between the lanai and the dining room, where I’d set up my work stuff. I don’t blame him; I should have set up a table on the lanai too, as I usually do when I stay over. It’s so much nicer and cooler out there.

My parents live in a neighborhood known for its impressive views of the south side of Oahu. Although they live in the lowermost house in the ‘hood and don’t have quite as stunning a view as houses higher up, since there are no houses in front of theirs, they at least have an unobstructed, sweeping view of Pearl Harbor. You can see as far east as Waikiki and as far west as Waipahu and Ewa. It’s quite nice, and I normally love working on the lanai. I don’t know why I didn’t do it this time.

In one of his hangouts under my chair, I got up and grabbed his dish. I put one piece of his kibble in my palm and he ate right out of it. I did it a few more times before offering him small handfuls, which he seemed pretty happy to consume. He still didn’t finish the entire serving, but at least he ate.

I also found my appetite, quite late in the evening, but it wasn’t much of one, so I just opened a can of chicken and ate it with hot (white!) rice. Drizzled a little bit of shoyu on it and that was it. Simple and tasty, and it didn’t upset my stomach.

I spent a few hours on work stuff. Proofreading the staff newsletter, editing the proposal I’d begun Monday. It actually felt good to do work during vacation time, since I was doing it on my time on my terms. With a cute dog lying at my feet.

Jennifer texted me to ask my thoughts on Shakespeare adaptation movies. We traded some opinions, which led after my work and shower to my watching, for the first time, the Kenneth Branagh Much Ado About Nothing, which I also have never seen performed on stage. Nor have I read it.

I watched the first half and really liked it. It’s hilarious. I’m not sure I like Branagh in it, ‘though even I can see the acting talent. I just disagree with his interpretation. Of a character I didn’t know anything about in a play I’ve never read. Take that, Sir Kenneth!

I had rather my dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves me.

You know, I’ve read the criticism of Keanu Reeves in this play, and it’s kind of unwarranted. He’s fine. The character just isn’t very meaty (at least so far), and yeah: Keanu doesn’t have quite the range of Branagh or Denzel Washington or Emma Thompson or any of the other obviously veteran Shakesperean actors. He’s only bad in comparison to a great cast. He’s not actually bad.

Looking forward to finishing it.

The only snacking I did was on clementines and dried apricots around what would normally have been my late lunch hour.

Sharon texted me to say she wished she’d taken a vacation day. This led to some talk about takeout in the Aiea-Pearl-City area. JB and I texted some thoughts about his favorite baseball and football players. Crush Girl and I texted through the day about a bunch of different stuff, including what we’re reading and what she’s been watching.

As I write this late Thursday night, the rain is coming down in barrels. Hope this doesn’t wipe out my chances of hitting the beach sometime this weekend. It’s been two weeks.

There are also new albums Friday by Einherjer, Epica, Alice Cooper, and the Melvins. Could be a good listening weekend.

Leave a comment if you need someone to connect with in these ongoing pandemic days. I got you.

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    1. I took two Shakesepare courses and for some reason Much Ado just never came up! 🙂

      I am one of the few people I know who’s read Love’s Labours Lost. My professor made us each read something not on the syllabus for either Shakespeare course and I chose that. I’m ready for Jeopardy if it ever comes calling.

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