Lockdown: Going the ôfstân

Tuesday was a little rough. Woke up after not enough sleep. Spent almost the whole night without Darth Vader. Just fell asleep unintentionally listening to a podcast, woke up unrested an hour or so before the alarm, and got that last hour with the mask.

I felt disorganized and not quite overwhelmed, but like I was about to lose control of my workflow. Things kept coming in and I felt like even when I turn things around quickly, they’re never quite good enough, so this feeling of deflation just took over and I found it difficult to try very hard. It’s stupid.

Called the supervisor to let her know what I was dealing with. She helped me talk myself through it, and I spent most of the rest of the day going through the past week’s emails to make sure I wasn’t missing anything, and to organize my running to-do list. It helped, but I still didn’t really get much done.

Picked up a late breakfast from Machete’s, a sandwich shop on Dillingham. Roast beef and turkey on wheat. It was delicious and exactly what I wanted. Before my not-very-productive workday was through, I drove to Young’s to get the Hawaiian plate I have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on occasional Saturdays. I was ravenous, and it was a late lunch and late dinner.

Actually did a little bit of work, then some journaling. Made a late run to the grocery store. My one new thing this time was about three pounds of cut, peeled taro root. I’ve cooked taro before, when I was splitting a CSA box with Mochi Girl, but this was my first time bringing some home from the supermarket.

Kulolo is the plan. I’ve decided lomi salmon is too labor intensive to be my go-to potluck contribution. Kulolo is a lovely desert most people don’t get very often, and I’ve never seen it at a potluck. I think it could work.

I was lethargic as heck all day and I don’t know if it’s the sleep deprivation, some of that tummy anxiety I’ve been feeling, or the shot. Spent a lot of time vegging in bed.

I wrote a few very late emails for work. I am a little stressed about not having produced much this week.

I texted Cathy to ask if her parents were vaccinated. Yay. Both have been fully taken care of, and Cathy has had her first shot. Texted the other Jennifer to see how she’s doing. Crush Girl and I texted sporadically through the day about early meetings, my favorite lei shop, and rain.

I’ve avoided writing about this because I’m not sure how I feel. In a moment of boredom about six weeks ago, I ordered a Nintendo Switch Lite from Amazon. There were some problems, so I sent it back and ordered a regular Nintendo Switch. I haven’t had a current-gen gaming platform since my Sega Dreamcast in fall 1999.

I’ve had it a little more than a week, and it hasn’t taken over my life. Picked up a few games, one of them on the recommendation of my one friend who works at Facebook, but so far I’ve only really played Mario Kart 8. I must say it’s pretty dang fun. My crappy wifi can’t handle online play, so I think this is one reason I won’t get zombied by it. I imagine the real fun is playing against others online.

What’s a better way to waste idle time: scrolling through Twitter, IG, and the Washington Post, or Racing Baby Luigi around a theme park on a toy scooter?

It’s raining like crazy this week, and people are suffering enormous damage to property from some insane flooding. I’m pretty much only being rained upon, thank God, but I feel terrible for people in the flooded areas.

Get those animals out of the muddy muddy, childen of the Lord.

Ôfstân is the new album from a Dutch band called Kjeld, which appears to be a common surname. It’s black metal, and the reviewers seems to love it. So far it just sounds like black metal to me: good for the background while working, but not especially interesting or compelling. However: Ôfstân appears to be Frisian for “Distance,” which is a cool name for a metal album. Also, I need to find out if the band sings in Frisian, because that’s pretty interesting by itself. Honestly, they could be singing English and right now I wouldn’t be able to tell. Black metal vocals are nearly as impenetable as Italian opera.

Anyway, I have it on now and I’m not really impressed. It’s not bad, but I can’t find any reason to like it yet.

Hit me up in comments if you want someone to connect with. I got bandwidth if I’m not drifting Baby Luigi around an S turn.

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