Lockdown: Kulolo fail

I can’t lie. Sometimes when the supervisor is on vacation, the typing fingers they pay to put stories together behave like they’re on vacation too. Even when my brain commands them to focus.

Monday the 15th was a little different, though. I realllly wanted to have some work to show, since I feel like I’m behind on everything. I really tried, too, but some of it just wouldn’t come. I had enough non-creative work to keep me busy, and I did well on that stuff. It just wasn’t the stuff I’ve been mired in.

Such a crazy way to make a living, I tell you. And I can’t complain because it’s what I always wanted.

I even started with brain food. Two heads of broccoli, blanched for breakfast. It was yummy, but I was a bit peckish all day beginning the late morning. The broccoli just didn’t do it for me for some reason. So for lunch I had a bowl of angelhair pasta with some canned sauce.

I couldn’t force the work, so I didn’t drag it out. I clocked out (figuratively) and went to bed at the end of my scheduled work day, rather than stay at my desk and try to make something something come out.

I got up late. Like nine-thirty. And tried to make kulolo with my leftover ingredients and it came out terrible. Didn’t set as firmly, didn’t taste as good. Dang it. I kind of tried to wing it, but clearly I don’t quite have the concept down. I thought I might share it with some friends in the office, too. There was no way. This just wasn’t worthy of sharing. I’d have to try again, perhaps over the weekend.

I had lazy quesadillas for dinner. Mostly because I wanted to get the stupid kulolo going. It takes two hours in the Instant Pot.

Jennifer texted me photos of her birria lunch from that taco truck I went to on my birthday. And a link to some new orphan otter photos. Very cute.

That failed kulolo experiment got me to bed ridiculously late considering my recent sleep deprivation. It was terribly irresponsible. And it would lead to a very draining week. Because I am a doofus.

If you need to connect with someone, perhaps this doofus is the person you need. Leave a comment if you’re pandemicking alone. Don’t do that. Get my contact info.

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