Lockdown: What do you do for the money, honey?

I don’t want to write about it, but it’s 2:30 in the morning Saturday night and I planned to go to bed at nine. I’m not exactly wide awake, but neither do I really want to go to bed, even though I know I would probably get right to sleep.

I’ll try to keep this short. Which shouldn’t be difficult since I’m writing about Monday, which was like a month ago.

I remember it was mostly a quiet day at work. I’d posted (but not published) a web story about a Hawaii CC program, the one I started in December and didn’t get finished until March for various reasons, some of which are mine and some of which are others’. It came out pretty good. So Monday all I had to do was write the social media copy, which I sent out. It was quickly shared on different platforms and the whole thing worked out well.

That story I rewrote from a bio someone else put together was picked up by one of the Kauai newspapers. That was nice to see too.

I had the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day from Monday to Thursday. Lazy burritos for breakfast. Hot dogs for lunch. It reminded me of early in the pandemic (except I was having overnight oats for breakfast and hot dogs for lunch). The simplicity, ease, and routine really suited me well for a week, and I may try it again next week, perhaps with different stuff. Overnight oats for sure, I think. I miss having them but I keep forgetting to prepare them.

I actually already picked up the stuff for lazy burritos again next week, but not the stuff for hot dogs. There’s this bakery that kind of supplies all the supermarkets and drugstores with bread, a local brand that’s about as local an institution, as much a part of our lives as any other single brand. It’s closing up after a hundred and twenty years or something like that.

I meant to get some hot dog buns (since I still have hot dogs) but the grocery store was clean out. It’s a holiday weekend, so I’m guessing that’s part of it.

I cannot for the life of me remember what I had for dinner. It might have been tortilla chips and fresh salsa.

I know I was exhausted. Took a long nap after work and I think I read a little bit. Then I picked up Cobra Kai season one from where I left off. Episode three, I think. And I stayed up far too late watching it until I passed out. Unhealthy!

Crush Girl texted me first, to ask how my Monday was going. I responded that my day was going pretty well. I was in pretty good spirits about that Hawaii CC story and the response it received. She was having a less positive day, which we chatted about for a little while. She also told me about this bad dining experience she had over the weekend. I really liked the interaction.

I texted my coworker Lauren to ask if the honey thing went through. She said yes, and my Big Island beekeeper friend was sending her the honey midweek. I was so glad it worked out. Later, the beekeeper messaged me on FB to thank me for hooking them up. I thanked HER, saying she was the one blessing us.

Truth is, it’s a mutually beneficial thing and it really makes me feel good to have been part of it. I’m stoked, actually.

JB texted to ask how much it would cost to make the Six Million Dollar Man today. I actually have read articles about this so I pointed him in their direction. I feel like all the expounding people have done on the topic is inaccurate, though. That show was set in its own present. We probably have more technology in our smartphones than was in Steve Austin’s entire body, and setting him up with those bionics using late 70s tech would probably cost nothing.

I actually texted Ali. Just a few words to offer clarification on very brief exchanges we’ve made about ten days apart. I think this friendship is over, and it makes me sad.

Monday really does feel like an aeon ago. Too bad, because as I replay it, I’m remembering how positive it was. I’m not sure the rest of the week played out similarly. I do know I’m moody as heck right now for reasons escaping me, and it influences the way I remember feelings about things.

This may be one of the unconsidered values of these recaps. Although I remembered the facts of Monday, it wasn’t until I looked at my texts with Crush Girl and Lauren I remembered how good I felt. Does it matter how I remember the feelings? Or does it only matter I had them? I can’t decide, and I’m certainly in no emotional state right now to make a ruling.

3:13 in the morning now. I may do an immediate lockdown recap of Tuesday since I’m still up and still writing.

You know what to do. Leave a comment if you’re feeling disconnected. I know I just wrote this, but I am very grateful for the interactions with my friends via text. I can look at them and remember that Monday, the 22nd of March, was a pretty good day and I felt good, even if early Sunday, the 28th, I don’t feel quite as good. Smash the comments.

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