Lockdown: My phone actually has phone call functionality (who knew?)

I don’t know how other departments in my company are handling the work-from-home situation, but our department (seven of us including our director) has a daily conference call at 2:00 on Zoom. Most of us video call; I call on my phone. I understand it’s an important thing but it’s my least favorite time of day. It combines two things I dislike: meetings and phone calls.

Today I had three phone calls when most days I have just the one. Consulted with a fundraiser for notes on an article I’m writing for her. Then my usual one-on-one with my director. Then the group call.

Managed somehow to be pretty productive anyway. I am still not working as efficiently as I could be, but true efficiency may never come in this setup.

Traded brief messages with my uncle in San Diego just to see how he was doing in his own lockdown. He’s still going to work and says he’s doing well. I said I’m working from home and also doing pretty well. That was about it.

Also sent a text to a friend in Boston, and traded a few texts with Crush Girl. Mostly stayed off social media, not for any specific reason.

I won’t go into what I ate because it’s embarrassing. Let’s just say my lunch rhymed with rips and balsa, and it may have been the healthiest meal of my day.

Chipped away at house chores. That felt good. I took a late walk for 14,415 steps and got a 2000-step jump on tomorrow’s count. Picked up dinner at McD’s and picked up some brown sugar from Long’s. Listened to a little bit of Talking Heads, and then the new Gordon Lightfoot album (it’s good). Got through a mess of podcasts.

Thursday is a state holiday, and I’m looking forward to it. I’m going to sleep in, do some chores, maybe watch a movie, work on some personal writing, and work on the podcast. Ambitious, yes, but doable. I’ll hopefully squeeze in some reading too.

I didn’t pick up any local news at all today, not even incidentally. Weird. Maybe I’ll pop open the app from my local paper (which I subscribe to) and do a quick scan before bed.

I hope wherever you are, you’re making the most of this time. Stay safe.

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