Lockdown: Hopeful beaches

The city and state both say physical activities for exercise are permitted as long as social distancing guidelines are followed. The state edict specifically includes surfing and swimming, which means all I have to do is find a good spot, and I’m back in the water. My usual beach, Ala Moana, is attached to a park, which means its greatest advantage (besides being right in the heart of the city) is wiped out: parking right next to the beach and walking fifteen yards to get into the ocean.

But there are other options if I’m willing to drive a bit further. Than one option that’s reeeeeally close to Ala Moana where there’s plenty of free parking (probably not closed because it’s not a park), and it’s right on the beach. The problem there is that the better area for swimming is a leeeeettle bit of a walk along the water’s edge. I’m going to do it next week before work.

My writing partner has a new little activity for us to work on together, something journaling-related. Should be interesting.

I didn’t do nearly as much stuff today as I intended, but I did okay. My chores were interrupted by a suddenly very slow drain, which I hope to take care of Friday during my work day. Picked up some foaming Drano at Long’s near the end of my long walk this evening.

I went 15,700 steps (2000 of them after midnight last night) before picking that stuff up at Longs. The Walgreen’s in my hood closes at 9 these days instead of being open all night, so thank goodness for Long’s sticking to its open-all-night schedule.

After midnight it was another 2000 steps (that’s about the distance from Long’s to my house) to count toward Friday’s goal.

Only eleven new diagnoses yesterday in Hawaii.

I started Tim Allen’s The Santa Clause Thursday. Only got eight minutes into it before the local news came on (I felt a sense of responsibility to watch it since I read no news the day before). It’s pretty promising. I saw the sequel (The Mrs. Clause) in the theater and really liked it. It was one of those impulse DVD purchases last December and I’m just getting to it.

Cowboy Mouth has a new EP Friday and it’s pretty dang good. New albums also drop from Pearl Jam, Morrissey, and Vanessa Carlton, all probably worth checking out. Meanwhile nothing that interesting in metal is out this week (nor last), so this weekend’s a good time to get caught up. There were new Boomtown Rats and Maria McKee albums this month too, and I still haven’t gotten to them.

I’m up late, resigned ahead of time to work tired Friday. Most of the stuff I have to do isn’t too mentally strenuous (I hope), and honestly sometimes when I’m tired the work comes out better because I don’t overthink it. The stuff I have to produce Friday needs to be good but it doesn’t need to be amazing, which means I’m helped by being unable to try super hard.

My brain and body sooooo yearn to go to vampire hours. I kinda floated the idea casually past my boss a couple of weeks ago in anticipation of this working from home thing, and she very quickly shot it down. She reminded me that some of the stuff I’m working on nowadays is quick with little notice, like this COVID-19 student aid thing I’ve been working on.

So it’s time for this wannabe vampire to fly back to the cave even though 2:00 a.m. is the best part of the day.

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