Lockdown: Don’t bean cruel

I had too much fun not doing anything for a three-day weekend. I’m really not ready to go back to work. Bleah.

I woke up a couple of hours too early, but it was time for the meds anyway, so I had overnight oats for breakfast, popped the meds, and did the L.A. Times Sunday crossword (I’d finished the N.Y. Times Sunday crossword Saturday evening). Then right back to bed for a few hours. It was lovely.

I did a wee bit o’ writing, worked on a couple of chores, and made lunch. I had a ton of string beans to use up. Made some instant mashed potatoes. The beans were really not good. I do a lot of my own cooking, and since I enjoy experimenting, things don’t always come out great. Still, they usually turn out good enough. Maybe I wouldn’t take some of my experiments to a potluck, but I’m fine consuming them myself.

Not these green beans. I ate most of a large bowl of them and reminded myself of a few things. While I’m not wealthy, and while I don’t like to waste food, I make enough to throw something out if I don’t like it. And since I’m eating almost every meal at home, I’m not spending much money on food anyway. So if this dish was terrible, there was really no point in trying to eat it for my next six lunches.

Into the trash the beans went. I finished the potatoes with a little bit of mediocre cheddar and some wasabi oil.

I did some more writing and then the Washington Post Sunday crossword. I thought I’d have a very late dinner, after my walk. I had a few things to mail, so I started with a walk to the nearby stripmall, where there’s a mailbox. Then walked toward Dillingham Blvd, a different route from my usual. Midway there, I was kind of a miserable mess. Cold-sweating and a little shaky; I was really hungry! I had a feeling there was a blood sugar issue, although that didn’t really explain the cold sweats.

Thankfully the McD’s at Waiakamilo and Dillingham was open for takeout. I thought I needed to get some sugar into me quickly, so I had a small vanilla shake, then chased it with two cheeseburgers and a medium fries. They did the trick. At least the weird internal shakiness was gone.

The sweats came back, and while they weren’t really cold, they weren’t the usual warm sweats I get when I’m out for a long walk. I think my body just isn’t feeling right. I considered calling it off and just going right back home, but I definitely wasn’t feeling like an emergency situation, as I had felt before McD’s. So I finished my intended walk, kind of sore and unhappy the whole way.

I got it to 14,000 steps before midnight and tacked on another 4,000 after midnight. I’m planning to hit the laundry super early Tuesday morning, so I may not walk Monday night, and it may be just as well.

I got eight responses to the Easter Song video I sent out, just reciprocal Easter greetings, which was nice, but no real connecting besides that. Easter’s been something of a solo day for me these past several years.

I still haven’t made a mask. I guess I’ll do that Monday!

Note to self: tomorrow might be a nice day to discuss Gus van Sant’s Melancholia.

New week! No real end to this weirdness in sight! If you’re not handling it well and you’re going through it alone, please reach out! I’m here for you, as long as “here for you” is okay via texts, DMs, or IMs. I so seldom have anything of value to lend people. The world is not built for introverts, but this new world may be. If I can lend you some of my introversion and talk you down of metaphorical or real ledges, I’m here for it.

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