Lockdown: Carb City and City Burials

I gotta make this a fast one because it’s 10:45 and I’m trying to get to bed before 11:30.

Work wasn’t very productive. I’m trying to finish a proposal I’ve been working on with a fundraiser since October, and this last revision is substantial. It’s been mostly little adjustments here and there over the months, but this last suggestion is almost a restructuring of the case I’m presenting. I’m not discouraged, but the work requires some sustained focus I wasn’t able to give today, ‘though I tried to power through it.

Breakfast: overnight oats.
Lunch: cold pizza (yum!).
Dinner: fried bread made with the sourdough starter discard. I’ll explain later.
All those carbs meant there was no need for snacking. Boy do I need to get some greenery in me soon.

I’m skipping the walk tonight for a good reason, which I will share Friday.

I traded texts with Crush Girl (more talk about stuff we’re cooking) and Sylvia (also more talk about stuff we’re cooking). JB messaged me to ask why all the mainland sports commentors pronounce Tua Tagovailoa’s name with an /n/ sound between the first A and the G. I explained it to him.

Stuff you learn when you go to a high school founded by missionaries.

These past couple of days I’ve been doing more work while playing music through the laptop’s onboard speakers. I usually hate listening this way, but the low-grade audio has actually been beneficial; easy not to be distracted by it but audible enough to keep my distractibility down, which is its main function. Listened mostly to Power of Omens’s Rooms of Anguish (2003) and Presto Ballet’s The Lost Art of Time Travel (2008). Good stuff. I have a Power of Omens tee that used to be my main concert tee. People at metal shows used to ask about it.

The first round of the NFL draft was today. Because there haven’t been any sports for more than a month, this is huge for anyone craving something sports-related. It got me all amped for the NFL season, which I don’t think is going to happen. Such a tease, but I’ll admit I’m willingly teased.

I spent a ridiculous amount of money ordering face coverings online this evening. The ones I ordered on IG could take months; I honestly have no idea when I’m getting them, if at all. Late last week, I ordered a few masks on Amazon and from another online seller, but those look like they’re getting here the first week of June. So I hit Etsy, where there was no lack of sellers.

I spent a lot of money, because it looks like this is going to be part of everyday attire for some time. If I’m going to wear them as often as I wear work shirts, once we get back to the office, I don’t want to get whatever, and it makes sense to spend what it takes, within reason, to make me happy. So, you know. Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings. Las Vegas Raiders. A lot of skulls. Some sellers promised shipping within three business days, which I can definitely live with. The others will ship within a week or two.

In my browsing, I saw masks that two coworkers would really like, so I bought those too. What says “I care” in these days of the ‘rona more than cute face masks?

Oh holy cow I just realized it’s Friday in every timezone east of here. That means the new Katatonia album, my most-anticipated album this year, is probably on Spotify right now. Katatonia’s The Fall of Hearts is my favorite album of the 2000 to 2009 decade. Okay now I really have to wrap this up and hit the bed. I’m going to put this in my earbuds right now.

There’s also a new Indigo Girls album I’m really looking forward to, but Amy and Emily may have to wait until the weekend for me. New Katatonia!

If something’s got you amped for the weekend and you haven’t got anyone to talk about it with, don’t be lonely. Reach out. I’d like to hear about it. And if nothing’s got you amped, I’d like to hear about that even more. Seriously.

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