Lockdown: Just another meatless Monday

Why is the phrase in the Seven Dwarfs song spelled “Heigh-Ho” and not “Hi-Ho?”

Monday felt normal in a pleasant way. I got up, tripped my way to the fridge, grabbed breakfast, carried breakfast to my desk, and pretty much got right to work. Breakfast was overnight oats with a liter and a half of ice water and a 22-ounce Diet Pepsi.

Breakfast of writers.

I suppose it helped that my first task was one of my favorites: copy-editing the monthly staff newsletter. I still long to be the actual editor, but I only get that chance when my supervisor is away, and after some tension with teammates last summer, I may not get my chance again wherever my supervisor is.

‘Twasn’t my fault, but I’ll take the blame. I was certainly complicit.

The copy-editing was a bit more tedious than usual. Coworkers sent content without actually writing some of it, and making it readable wasn’t quite as fun as it usually is. Not sure why.

I worked on the proposal revision that’s been a bear since October. I didn’t get very far on it, but I’m feeling okay about it. Hopefully will have a sharable draft by the end of Tuesday.

Inconspicuous consumption

Lunch was more of the potatoes and kale from last night. Delicious. I made enough that I think it’ll be lunch for the next couple of days.

Dinner was three small burritos, the ones I make myself. I needed something quick and easy because Tuesday morning is laundry day and I really wanted to get to bed early.

I snacked on tortilla chips and fresh salsa. With some sour cream this time.

So it was unintentionally a meatless Monday. Didn’t even realize it until I typed it up just now. I’m not even four hours into Tuesday and it’s already not a meatless Tuesday.


I exchanged texts with four people Monday. My sister was the big one. She’s difficult to get ahold of; my last unanswered text message to her was five weeks ago. She’s got a lot going on, so it was nice to chat.

Crush Girl and I traded a few texts about our weekend. Sylvia and I talked about the meat situation, and I thanked her for the kale, which has been great. My supervisor and I talked about a task I insisted on adding to my list and she talked me into letting someone else do it. I was actually relieved.

Mask me no questions

The Monster. Because I hoped to get to bed early, I didn’t waste much time once the workday was done. I set a modest goal, slightly more than I did Sunday now that I understood how it would go, and I went slightly past the Monday goal. It was unpleasant as heck, but it didn’t suuuuuuuuck, so I don’t know. I’d still much rather not do it than do it. It felt good to do it, though.

The first of my masks came in the mail. I ordered two or three from several sellers, and one each from a couple of others. This was one of the solos. I’m rather pleased. The one I made myself is pretty good, and I’ll continue to use it because I like how much of my face it covers and I like that it’s just one piece of cloth with no sewing. It just looks like it was cut out of an old t-shirt with dull scissors. Which it was.

I last visited a grocery store ten days ago, intending not to go for at least two weeks. Looking at what I have left, I think I could go another two weeks. Sure, I had takeout a few times (pizza, Korean food, McD’s), and Sylvia bought me those two bags of chopped kale, but compared to how often I usually eat out, I’m practically living on stuff I grew myself.

The only thing I underestimated was how much Diet Pepsi I needed. I was going to run out Tuesday, three days shy of two weeks. So it’s not as if I guzzled it like Nicholas Cage put away vodka in Leaving Las Vegas; I just decided to have one when I wanted one without going overboard. Early in the lockdown, I limited myself to one a day. Later, as sleep became an issue as sleep always becomes an issue, I made it one or two a day based on need. Then two weeks ago I decided if I wanted a second or third not for the caffeine but for the pleasure, I didn’t see why I shouldn’t. When it’s not on sale, it’s a dollar for a 22-ounce bottle (or less than half what a 20-ounce bottle costs in a convenience store), and for the amount of pleasure it gives me, a dollar is nothing.

Three dollars a day for three Diet Pepsis seems more than reasonable to me. I do have to watch the caffeine intake because of my BP issues, though, so I think I’ll start monitoring again. Evenings, once the workday is done. It’s been months since I checked it myself.

On my way to the laundry Tuesday morning (which is where I’m typing this now), I stopped at Long’s at the neighborhood stripmall and picked up a few six-packs. At 2:30 in the morning, I was the only customer in there so I think it’s okay.

As I’ve mentioned, 2020 is supposed to be the year of finishing unfinished books. I got off to a late start because I had to read this year’s award-winners (the Newbery and the Printz, plus a Printz honor book, all of which I’ll review eventually in this space), but now I’m attacking the first of the unfinisheds: Susan Cain’s Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. I read it shortly after its release eight years ago, but I read it quickly so I could write a review in a timely fashion for the side gig. None of it stuck. I have never considered it a read book.

I may do some reflecting here as I work through it.

We’re still dealing with this new weird reality, and I’m still offering to be a connection if you’re having trouble connecting. Please reach out if connection’s been an issue.

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