Lockdown: No veggie tales

Speaking of unhealthy: today’s meals.

For breakfast I had a Big Mac combo while I did my laundry. This was at like three in the morning, and I stretched it all the way out to five. I came home, did a couple of tasks, then went to bed, since I had the morning off and wasn’t expected at work until noon.

Around then, I had a bowl of Monday’s pasta, this time with the blue cheese melted in. I think it was supposed to be lunch. Okay yeah, let’s call it lunch. Delicious.

It was the odd time (I guess once a week) when, except for the very late and unconventional breakfast, I have meals at normal times. So around 4:30, after a fair amount of productivity with my work, I drove down the hill to Rainbows in response to a weird craving. Boneless chicken with gravy. It was sixteen minutes between closing the door behind me and getting back through the door with dinner. Good to know!

I did more work, then took a nap. Went for a walk — almost getting out the door before ten, but i was slowed down by some rain. It wasn’t enough rain to keep me indoors, but it caused me to consider. I finally got going just past 10, which is still a heck of a lot earlier than I’ve gone out, possibly in weeks.

I dropped some mail in the drop-box at the strip mall, then went around through Kalihi, staying out of my usual Liliha, Puunui, and Nuuanu just because. It came out to 12,000 steps before midnight and another 3,000 steps after midnight. Got home at about 12:30.

I watched a little more of The Sound of Music, then made what can only be called a second dinner: another bowl of the pasta with blue cheese. I’m just not in the mood to put more leftovers into the fridge.

I just did a tiny bit of work and sent it off. I have a 10:30 Zoom meeting for a large project our cancer center’s about to launch. I believe I’m only there to take notes and then stand by for assignments, of which there could be several. I’m trying to get to bed at what for me would be a decent hour: before four or four-thirty.

Sylvia sent me some photos of her latest batch of homemade crackers, served with sardines and homemade mayo. Super impressive.

Sharon and I did some IMing in the work Skype. Mostly work-related.

I texted Crush Girl to tell her how it felt like my brain’s been in slow motion for a week and a half or more. She said she feels similarly. That was it. One message from me; one message from her. It was fine.

I had to throw out some fresh veggies, which really annoys me. I need to get some veggies in me and all I have now are canned things. I’m thinking I might go to the Korean market and pick up some stuff. Or maybe just have some of the canned stuff. Green beans is what I have. I could make a bean salad — I have a lot of black beans and kidney beans, since I make chili so often. Or maybe a vegetarian chili. that’s really not much in the way of real vegetables though.

Ohhhh maybe I can get Chinese takeout. The Chinese restaurant at the bottom of my hill reopened for takeout this week. It’s been closed for a couple of months. I love me some Chinese veggies. I’ve also been craving watercress but didn’t see it at the supermarket the last time I was there.

I am rewatching season three of Orange is the New Black, by the way. In case I didn’t clarify after saying it ended on such an uplifting note. It’s been as tough to rewatch as it was to watch the first time. I’m trying to look at how they set up the end and I’m seeing little things but nothing really major. One new thing for me is how the main character and a certain other character emerge as foils. Both self-destructive, one more than the other. Both from wealthy families. One aware of her faults, so wrapped up in them that she takes a major consequence for just skirting her demons, while the other seemingly unaware that she’s turned into a truly detestable person.

Gotta hit it. Insert daily invitation to reach out. I’m here for connection if connection you need.

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