Lockdown: Lonely goatherd

I’m still watching The Sound of Music. This is a long movie. Some of it is kind of unwatchable, but overall so far the story is compelling, and there are moments of greatness for sure. I have to say the conversation in the abbey about the walls not being an escape are pretty great, though. More overtly spiritual than I expected from a film like this.

The early Zoom meeting wasn’t bad. The project’s ambitious. Tens of millions of dollars for a really good cause. I don’t know yet what my role is, and I probably won’t for a while, but I’m looking forward to it. And yes, my role was just to listen quietly, which I did fairly well.

My work was again really, really slow. I have to focus Thursday, really concentrate and get stuff done. I’ll skip walking Thursday night if I need to finish stuff up.

Breafast, which I did not have until after the first meeting at about 11:30, was a couple of hot dogs with sauerkraut, mustard, and ketchup. For lunch I was going to drive down the hill and get some Chinese takeout, to satisfy my vegetable craving, but as I considered what to order and what would keep best in the fridge (since I would order a few meals’ worth), I was reminded that no leftovers are as great as Thai food leftovers.

So I drove to Nuuanu and ordered Thai food. It’s not a lot of leafy greens, but it’s a lot of veggies for sure. I got like three entrees and three sides. So dinner, which I am having now, is some of the leftovers. I had spring rolls, chicken pad thai, and a dish they call the house special, which is really a vegetable-laden chicken stir-fry.

I didn’t get rolling this evening until nearly eleven. I was kind of annoyed about it. I got the stepcount to 11,000 before midnight and up to 8,000 after midnight. There were already 3500 steps or so before I got out the door, so let’s call it 15,000 tonight.

For most of the first half of my walk, I didn’t listen to anything. Just kind of enjoyed the sound of the sleeping neighborhood. It was nice. On the way back I listened to Conundrum, a new album by this Swedish band called Hällas. Not a metal band. More of a late-70s-style progressive space-rock band. It’s good. I listened through twice and like it. I think it’ll make great going-to-sleep music, especially for mid-day naps.

Jennifer sent me a photo of a misspelled sign in her neighboorhood. I sent her a horribly egregious spelling error in huge letters on the front page of Wednesday’s Hawaii Tribune-Herald. Which was texted to me earlier Wednesday by Jenny, who got it from a former coworker we have in common.

That’s pretty much it for connections. I sent Crush Girl a few texts very late, probably after she was already in bed.

Here’s to connecting, however briefly in whatever form. And if you’re having difficulty finding someone to connect with, you know you don’t have to go through this disconnected. I hope you’ll reach out.

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