Lockdown: Oh yes, I know the muffin man

Weird Sunday.

I put myself to bed at five? Five-thirty? I can’t remember. I remember that I didn’t finally get to sleep until past seven. Noooooooo.

I slept okay for four and a half hours, though, so that was nice. Took a little bit of time getting up and about, and finally got out the door at about 3:30.

I delivered my dad his gift, a fairly pricey bottle of Scotch. Stayed downstairs (in the house) while the parents stood at the top of the stair. We chatted for about half an hour. They seem, honestly, to be doing pretty well.

With some advance permission, I went to the office from there. My work laptop needed updating, and I don’t like using my home network for that (I don’t have unlimited internet access at home), plus I’ve been told several times that I have several boxes from Amazon in my cube. They’re snacks for the coworkers, for when we eventually get back together.

I don’t remember exactly when I got there, but it was well before dark. I remember thinking I might get the update started, then go for a walk. Or maybe grab takeout somewhere and bring it back to the office for dinner in the break room.

While I had the update going, I thought I’d take the time to update my personal laptop too, which I’d brought along.

The updates took for-ev-er. And I actually spent some time doing housekeeping-type work, managing some files and updating an archive of proposals. Then I tidied up one area of my cubicle, packing a bunch of stuff to bring home. If I get laid off, I’d rather be able to pack my stuff quickly and get out, so I might as well bring home what I can now. I didn’t crawl out of our basement office until just past one in the morning. Geez.

Then when I sat down to write this, I just couldn’t focus. Neither could I sleep. So I pretty much stared at my phone until like 8:30, falling asleep around there to be awakened by my 9:30 alarm.

I don’t know what’s going on with my sleep. I’ll fight off sleep between seven and midnight, then when I lie down at two I’m wide awake.

I’m hesitant to log my meals for Sunday because it’s embarrassing. However, I knew keeping track was important when we went into this lockdown, so here goes. Breakfast was English muffin pizzas. Spaghetti sauce, medium cheddar, pepperoni. I know it sounds horrible, but if I said I’d had eggs benedict you’d think it was a normal, understandable Fathers Day breakfast, but I’ll bet what I had, while not very healthy, was far more healthy than eggs benny.

I was in the office around what would usually be my lunchtime (a diurnal creature’s dinner time), and I was sorta babysitting my updates. So I just had some Korean instant ramen I keep in my desk. It’s yummy, but I kinda had my mind on something hot and steamy from a nearby Korean place, so it was a bit of a disappointment.

I had dinner when I got home from the office, resisting the urge to pick something up from one of the open-all-night spots between work and home. So I had English muffin pizzas again. Because I wanted to use up the English muffins before they went sideways. Spaghetti sauce, medium cheddar, and kimchi. Slightly less offensive than what I had for breakfast! I’m telling you, kimchi is a great pizza topping.

Some time in all that sleeplessness, I got kind of hungry. So I got up and had a few slices of my sourdough bread with some honey and medium cheddar. I really wish I’d just pulled out some of that broccoli I steamed the other day.

I snacked like crazy in the office. Had a snack-sized bag of Utz cheese curls, then chased it with five (I counted) fun-sized Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

It was a good day in a few ways: I got to see my folks and their dog. We chatted. I gave my dad a gift I think he’ll enjoy. My parents seem to be in good spirits. I suuuuuper enjoyed the drive out to Aiea to see them, and the drive back to the office. Man, I miss driving.

It was rough in most of the other ways. And all that weird sleep stuff is going to kill me since I’m supposed to get up early for the laundry. If I get enough stuff done for work today, I might ask to take some vacation hours before my day is up, so I can do the usual Monday things and still get some sleep before the laundry.

Jennifer texted me a photo of a guy whose name was actually Pete Pettigrew. Harry Potter allusion. I sent her a photo of the bottle I got my dad for his gift.

Crush Girl responded to some stuff I texted her Saturday, then told me some of the stuff she did Sunday. She ventured out, and I was envious but also not envious. There are so many people out and about, and I do not feel safe among them.

One of my ex-coworkers, usually a cheery presence on FB, has been kind of quiet there for a couple of weeks, so I sent her an IM to see if she’s okay. She is. Just lost some interest in FB, which I can certainly feel. I’m glad she’s doing well. We didn’t work together very long, and we never worked together directly, but in my first few months she was one of the people who kind of defined for me the kind of place we worked at, that company culture stuff. I think she and I considered a lot of the same stuff important, and I recognized in her a seriousness about team-building. I’ve tried to be a leader in this area but it doesn’t seem to stick.

Still trying, though.

You can guess I didn’t go for a walk again! Ugh. My knee is really bothering me.

I feel lucky to have friends I can reach out to and connect with. I’m lucky to have mostly healthy parents who are getting through this lockdown pretty well. Sleep? Who needs sleep when I have friends and parents, right?

If you’re feeling the lack of someone to connect with, I’m hoping you’ll reach out. Let’s share the lockdown love.

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