Lockdown: Strange days indeed

I think Thursday writing about Wednesday is only the second day I didn’t chronicle right away since lockdown began. The first time was intentionally; this time it just happened.

So two days in one entry. The days kind of blurred together, which makes it likely I’ll get the details wrong.

You know that bowl of raisin bran I had several hours after dinner laaaate Tuesday night? I’m calling that Wednesday breakfast. I mean, it was just before sunrise Wednesday anyway, and I didn’t have my next meal until past 1 or so Wednesday, so that gets to be lunch. See, it all evens out.

I didn’t eat when I got out of bed because I rolled right into a Zoom meeting about a big-deal proposal. About two big-deal proposals, actually. Work on these kept me busy until somewhere around one, by which time I was very hungry.

I drove to the neighborhood stripmall and got some Korean food. Ordered two entrees for takeout, as is my wont lately. A chicken and meat jun plate (it’s a Hawaii thing) and a veggie plate. It’s enough food for three meals, which is what I had in mind. This was lunch, which I ate happily while cranking on those proposals.

I checked out a little early because I was exhausted and because I knew I was going to finish some of that work late Wednesday night. Took a nap. Got up, ate a few bites of the leftover Korean veggies for a small dinner, submitted drafts of those proposals, and went to the laundry.

Got to the laundry a little later than usual. I mean aside from being two days later than usual, I got started half an hour after my target start time. At the laundry, I did as much work as I could before my battery died. It shouldn’t have — I am having battery issues, much to my annoyance.

Wednesday connections. Ali in Boston sent me a funny IG thread (via text) about babies are problematic. Pretty funny stuff — she said it reminded her of me because I’ve expressed similar issues. I said that’s funny because I thought I was keeping those thoughts to myself lately.

There were work-related texts with Jocelyn and Karla. I texted Suzanne to work out a lychee pickup, but I flaked. She lives in a pretty posh neighborhood and I just didn’t think I or my car could handle being around such wealth.

AJ and I traded a bunch of texts about a bunch of stuff, none of which I can share in any kind of public space, even with a disguised identity. But the company was really good, and I appreciated the extended connection.

The other Jennifer texted me with her thoughts on the new Pearl Jam album (it’s my favorite album of the year so far).

Crush Girl and I talked about a local pizza place that closed Wednesday after 45 years, then I asked if my disparaging comment about rainbow sprinkles annoyed her, and she said no; I was just wrong. So I think we’re cool.

Didn’t go for a walk again. However:

Thursday’s breakfast was my usual Tuesday breakfast of a Big Mac combo while I did the laundry. Salty, greasy, hot, and delicious.

I got to the beach at about 5:30 and because of the unfinished work (dead laptop battery) I didn’t mess around much. Waited until the water was dark green instead of black and jumped in. I had a really, really good swim and it was the highlight of my week.

On my way home I stopped at Pancakes & Waffles for a loco moco (it’s a Hawaii thing), even though I had just finished breakfast a couple of hours earlier. I figured I’d leave it on the table and have it for lunch.

I got right to work, cranking out revisions like crazy, ate most of the loco, listened to a lot of Ozzy Osbourne music (his new album and Bark at the Moon), attended my regular Zoom meeting, and took a little nap. Got up for a quickly assembled Zoom meeting, which I will write about tomorrow. Then went back to bed. Got up and got back to work — it was around 9:30 in the evening.

Went back to bed, got up at around 12, and finished stuff up. Emailed everyone. Ate a very late dinner of leftover Korean veggies. Posted this week’s Friday 5 questions.

I did not go for a walk Thursday.

The writing partner and I traded a few texts about our next journaling thing. Crush Girl and I traded a bunch of texts about her upcoming weekend and a few other things. Second highlight of my day.

Jennifer sent me an article about a bakery who celebrated its sourdough starter’s 65th birthday with a birthday party. Funny!

The other Jennifer sent me a link to her Discord server via text. I haven’t installed Discord on my phone yet so I’ll do that sometime this weekend.

I traded a mess of texts with Sylvia and with Sharon (not a group text) about some work stuff.

I sent Crush Girl a link to an article by a friend who owns a travel agency. We talked about some other stuff.

I was lying in bed moping about something when the phone rang and it was JB. My friends know I never answer the phone. And he lives in Virginia, so it was very late for him. I answered, thinking something might be up. He just wanted to chat. I was at first quite annoyed, but it turned out to be a pretty good talk and I was glad he got me out of bed.

I didn’t know my phone still had the telephone function. Learn something new every day.

My brain is a little fried from all these weird hours, but you know I’ve almost got things back under control. It’s only 4:00 in the morning Friday now, and I’ll be in bed by 4:30. Up again at 9 or so and I think I’ll have my old schedule back. Just in time for the weekend to mess it up, but I’m not going to think this way!

This stuff was all very boring, I know, but it was a boring few days and I’m logging the thrilling ones as well as the boring ones. I got stuff to say this weekend, though, so get your popcorn ready.

And reach out if you’re having difficulty connecting. Don’t be like JB and actually call me, though. Geez.

Too tired to edit. I’ll edit later. If there are bad spellings or usages or grammar, just smile and check back later when I’ll have fixed everythgni.

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