Lockdown: Two bowls of two scoops

Connectivity first. AJ and I texted a little about sleep. She’s getting more. I’m getting less. It was Sharon’s birthday, so I sent her a happy birthday text, and we chatted a little about pizza. We discovered we both have strong preferences for red sauce. Sylvia sent me a photo of a pizza she made (I know; it’s weird), so we talked a little about making pizza dough. Karla from work and I traded texts about this proposal I’m two workdays late on. I responded to Suzanne’s text from the other day and said I do like lychee.

Crush Girl talked a little about what she did over the weekend. She sent me a photo of something she baked. I said something disparaging about rainbow sprinkles, which I suspect may have thrown ice on the conversation. Haha. I mean haha, but not really haha because that was pretty much the end of the exchange.

F5 girl sent me in FB Messenger a photo of her niece(?) making a Fathers Day gift.

I didn’t go for a walk! Argh.

I was a bit of a mess during work, but I kinda knew I would be. I actually saved my late proposal for late Tuesday night, knowing the quiet solitude was what I needed. It took far, far longer than it should have, but it was also the way I knew I needed to work on it. It came out okay for a first draft. I suspect there will be a lot of work on it, very quickly since it’s a high-stakes, kind of time-sensitive proposal.

It was a stupid way to get the work out of me. It was pretty necessary.

I also ate like a maniac, another thing that sometimes happens when I’m working really hard on some writing. Breakfast was a bowl of raisin bran. For lunch I drove down to Rainbow for a boneless chicken plate. It’s a good plate, but the first half is always awesome and the second half is always kind of gross. Dinner was a tuna sandwich with my sourdough bread. Then while I was writing I had another bowl of raisin bran. Not my best day.

I’m tired and I’m going to bed. If I think of something else about Tuesday, I’ll add it to Wednesday’s recap.

Reach out if you need someone to connect with. Seriously.

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