Lockdown: Indecent proposals

It wasn’t the Sunday I hoped for, but it was the Sunday I expected.

Slept okay, despite getting up a couple of times. Both times I had texts from Ali in Boston and didn’t feel like waiting until I was up-up to respond. More Kindle talk. The second time I got up I still had a couple of hours before my alarm, but I felt awake, so I didn’t even try. Thought I’d sneak in an early afternoon nap before heading to the office.

Did the Sunday crossword (it destroyed me). Read the news. Listened to Meet the Press. Had breakfast. You know I had the lefttover angel hair because of course I did. Tried to get a nap, but something distracted me and by the time it was time for me to head to the office, I’d just been lying in bed for an hour, not napping.

Got to the office at three. It was blessedly empty, as I expected it to be. I got to work on this big-deal Maui proposal and it took freaking forever. Shoot. I knew the proposal itself was long, but I didn’t know it was LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG. Around nine I took a lunch break and walked to Zippy’s for a Korean chicken / chili mixed plate, bringing it back to the office to consume in the break room. Would rather have eaten at my desk while I worked the proposal, but we’re not allowed to eat at our desks, and I honor the rule except for the occasional non-messy, finger-food kinds of snacks, like chips or whatever. Dinner was quite good and I guess I needed the break.

I did some multi-tasking, so I got some personal things done too. I’m still putting CDs in storage but importing them into iTunes first if they’re not available on Spotify. I brought some with me, along with my personal laptop, and imported

  • Out of Egypt by Painted Orange (1996)
  • …Sane by Velocipede (1994)
  • White Horse / Adam Again by Michael Omartian (1974 and 1977, a two-album CD)
  • Fun, Fun Feeling by Lust Control (1991)
  • Lie Down in the Grass by Charlie Peacock (1984)
  • Brent Bourgeois by Brent Bourgeois (1990)
  • Happy Hour by Dead Artist Syndrome (1995)
  • I Rose Falling by Undercover (2002)

It’s kind of coincidence that these are all Christian artists. Certain kinds of CDs are likely to find themselves next to each other on my shelf, but also, albums by Christian musicians are likely to have been released on indie labels or Christian labels that don’t exist anymore, so rights for streaming might be ill-defined or difficult for artists to get back. There could have been six albums by Billy Joel or KC and the Sunshine Band amongst them on my shelf, but major label artists are far more likely to have their albums on the streaming platforms.

It’s a shame, really. The streaming platforms, social media, and crowdfunding platforms make it the best time in history to be an indie artist. It’s a disappointment all these great albums by great artists aren’t available for the musicians’ benefit, not to mention audiences’ enjoyment.

I wrapped up the first draft of the proposal and then finalized another, and was done at about 4 in the morning. Went through the McD’s drive-through in my hood for a late dinner. Egg McMuffin and Sausage McMuffin with Egg. Large Diet Coke with extra ice. Hash browns. I’m sated. And exhausted. It’s creeping up on six Monday morning, and I have to be available for revisions on that proposal because we’re hoping to get it to the donor Tuesday. Yikes.

Sunday connectivity. Ali and I traded some more texts about Kindle stuff. Suzanne and I exchanged one text each about the lychee she wants to give me and I wussed out on picking up from her. Jennifer sent me a photo of another pizza (with a modification suggested by me) and I just responded that it looks great. Gwen asked me if a meme she created refers to something most people should know, and of course it does. I don’t even know why she had to ask. I sent a Twitter link of a video of a family helping a young bear swimming in one of the Great Lakes to get a plastic jug off its head (it’s very cute). Actually it could have been any lake — I forgot that there are a million of them in that part of the country. Anyway, I sent that to a bunch of people.

AJ in San Diego, who works East Coast hours, responded first just to say “poor bear.”

Sylvia and I traded a bunch of texts arranging a yeast-and-flour handoff. We agreed I’d just leave it on my desk at work, and since she has some business there Monday, she can just grab it when she comes by.

Jocelyn and I chatted a bit in Hangouts. It’s her preferred way to message. She lives in Los Angeles, so I think about her almost all the time when I’m watching the news.

Aw geez. When I walked to and back from Zippy’s Sunday evening, my knee was really unhappy with me. Bleah. Argh. Yikes.

I have stuff to say about the two Ozzy albums I listened to Sunday, but it’ll have to wait. 6:05 now and I need to get a few hours of sleep.

I’d be pleased if when I get up, there are text messages from you if you need someone to connect with. I may not get back to you as faithfully as if you were Crush Girl, but come on. You’re not Crush Girl. I’ll return your texts eventually! No, but for real. I’ll do my best.

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