Lockdown: Holding

Thursday was aight.

I reached out to a couple of scholarship recipients for interviews, and connected with a coworker to get me in touch with a donor, after getting my notes and ideas organized for this one story. Then I did a little bit of background on another story. Mostly I organized my files, a tedious and time-consuming pain, but it has to be done sometimes.

The potato chips I ordered were delivered. That was kind of fun.

I spent most of my free time either napping or reading. Got through chapter one of No Filter and chapter two of Quiet. Had a horrible stress dream during one of my naps, about my parents dropping in on me with some family friends, coming into my house as I slept. The family friends had a couple of daughters who were interesting, of the sort my mom would like, but I was too stressed about the situation to get to know either of them and I woke up totally stressed-out. Ugh. I’m stressed just thinking about it.

I don’t know if this is a solution, but an evening of mindless entertainment of the video sort may be in order here.

I have to pick a few things up from either Long’s or Walgreens, each of them an equidistant short walk from my house, and each of them open all night. I was going to walk down but I’m really trying to avoid people, and by the time it was late enough I was too sleepy to go.

Or maybe not. I just realized I can probably McGuyver something for the thing I have in mind, using stuff I have in this cluttered abode.

Why I picked up breakfast Thursday is a mystery. I got home from the laundry (no beach), slept a few hours, got up, and ordered online from one of the breakfast spots in the hood. I ordered a veggie omelette and Nutella French toast. The French toast was fine, but it was just way too chocolately for me. I’m also kind of grossed out by palm oil nowadays and avoid it as much as I can, so what was I doing? The omelette was okay, but seriously nothing to get out of bed (or out of the house) for.

It was enough food for breakfast and lunch, actually. Dinner was a couple of microwave oven quesadillas. Fast and simple. I snacked on a snack-size bag of sea salt potato chips.

Writing partner sent me some updates on her work. I said I’d get to it but I didn’t. AJ and I decompressed a little about the stress we’ve each been feeling about this stupid COVID-19 situation. Sylvia sent me a link to a recipe for two-ingredient bagels, which look amazing. She says she’s going to give them a try this weekend. I said send me photos!

I accidentally sent Jennifer a happy birthday text meant for someone else. Then asked her for her birthday and she didn’t give it up. Sent the happy birthday text to the person whose birthday it was.

Crush Girl and I texted about a nice range of subjects including her dinner plans this weekend (again).

Did not go for a walk.

I think Thursday was kind of spent just moving toward the weekend, but I don’t really have anything going on this weekend, so I can’t figure out why. And it looks like I might have to work on a proposal if revisions come in over the weekend. Ugggh.

Not one of my better days, ‘though I can’t really point to anything that sucked. Here’s to a better Friday.

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