Lockdown: Sloooow daaaaaaaay

Friday wasn’t bad either. I know I got some work done but I can’t really remember what. Felt like a slow day, which is sometimes a good thing and sometimes not. I know I say this a lot, but a huge part of my job, when I’m writing these stories, is thinking. And sometimes it’s thinking directly about the story itself and sometimes it’s thinking peripherally about it, and sometimes it’s thinking about something entirely unrelated.

In the office, it can be a little stressful, trying to look busy when I’m just thinking. I take a lot of walks. But sometimes it helps to have the work on the second monitor while I’m looking at something on the first. That’s the peripheral thinking, much of the time.

At home it’s less stressful since nobody can see me, but I admit sometimes thinking leads to distraction, much more easily at home than in my cube. There’s more than a fair chance this happened a few times Friday.

For breakfast, I did the stir-fry again, with won bok, watercress, and bean sprouts with lazy fried rice. It was a lot of vegges — enough food that I streched it across two meals. I didn’t have dinner until reeeally late. Like past one in the morning. I made a pot of angel hair with jarred sauce. I threw some red pepper flakes, red wine, and dried garlic in the sauce with a little bit of honey. It came out great; I’m looking forward to leftovers Saturday.

Somewhere in there I had a small bag of kettle chips for a snack, and enjoyed a couple of kalimotxos with dinner.

After the evening news (infuriating, as usual), I spent most of the night in bed, napping like crazy and listening to podcasts. It didn’t start out as escapist napping, but that’s definitely what it was when I willed myself up, at about half past midnight, to make dinner.

I watched the second half of the first season of Casual. I think I’m in on the second season. It’s a pretty funny, smart show with seriously broken main characters. The insufferable central male character is sliiiiightly less insufferable in the second five episodes, demonstrating a kind of grace I wasn’t expecting, in situations where vengeance might have been forgiveable.

Crawled back into bed at 6:30 in the morning, or thereabouts.

Writing partner texted me an update. I apologized for not yet getting to her work. Then I spent a few minutes thinking about entering a flash fiction in a national contest.

Sharon and I texted a little about one of the candidates for city council. We’re voting by mail this month for the primaries and it’s time to make some decisions. Not for the national or state elections — I’m going to vote Libertarian (capital L) and there aren’t any contested races. Our city elections are non-partisan, though, and the primaries are a chance for candidates to win outright if they get more than 50% of the vote. Otherwise they set up runoff elections. I’m 75% sure about my mayoral choice, but I honestly don’t know what to do for the prosecutor. I didn’t love the responses any of the candidates submitted to the Civil Beat survey. I think the only candidate I’m certainly not voting for is the guy who was already in the prosecutor’s office under the (suspended) incumbent.

Slow day for text messages too, it turns out.

Which means I have bandwidth. Reach out if you’re in need of connection. This is a crazy time and it looks like it’s about to get crazier. I’m here (ish) if you need me.

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