Lockdown: Pizza, wings, kalimotxos

I really wasn’t feeling it Wednesday so I asked the boss if I could burn a vacation day for mental health and she said sure. I spent most of it lazying about, napping, eating, and listening to podcasts. Spent a little bit of time on work emails — I finally heard back from a donor whose story I’ve been writing, and she had issues with the last few paragraphs, so I’ll be calling her for a follow-up interview Thursday afternoon.

I also sent out for pizza. And wings. And I drank kalimotxos. I’ve had funner mental health days, but this was exactly what I needed.

I watched an episode of Orange is the New Black, season four, and it has suddenly become very, very relevant to today’s events. Which goes to show how these things many of us are finally waking up to have been going on for a long time, and people have been trying to tell us for a long time. A favorite character dies while an authority figure has her on the floor with his knee in her neck. It’s devastating and heartbreaking.

I actually knew it was coming, unfortunately, although how it happened was still a shocker. I was following the actress on IG several years ago, and she posted a still from this episode, and the comments gave away that she died. Everyone was heartbroken. I stopped following all the actresses after that. I don’t need the spoilers.

Because of its setting, the show has always had quite a bit of darkness, but this is freaking dark. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

I had a couple of thin lazy burritos for breakfast, then some wings and pizza for lunch with a ton of leftovers. I had dinner at the laundry: a Big Mac combo.

Didn’t go for a walk because of the laundry, and I knew I’d be hitting the beach Thursday morning.

I listened to the new Pretenders album, Hate for Sale. The song are excellent but the mix is awful. I’ve listened on my small Bluetooth speaker and in my car and it sounds bad both ways. I’ll give it a listen with my good Bluetooth headphones this evening but I’m not expecting much. So disappointing.

Ali and I traded some texts. More Kindle talk. Crush Girl and I talked a little bit about a movie she recently saw, a DVD I had something to do with. That was nice.

There’s a hurricane on its way. The center of the cone of prediction is headed right at us. What a year.

I still have some time before I’m suposed to be at work, so I’m going back to bed. Stay safe, and hit me up if you could use some connectivity. I got words for you.

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