Lockdown: Bed head

Sleep continues to be a problem. Probably because of the weird sleep I got on hurricane Monday, when I put myself to bed at close to four in the morning Tuesday I couldn’t get to sleep. At five I just gave up and went to the stupid hardware store to get those sockets. Picked up a Maglite too, since I’m not very happy with my hurricane lighting options. Hurricane season lasts into fall. Might as well be pleased with my gear.

On the way home, even though I wasn’t really hungry, I picked up a boatload of food in the McD’s drive-through and ate it all while I read the stupid news. We’re talking enough food for two breakfasts. I’m not even going to spell it out because it’s disgusting. I really went to town.

I also sat down to work much earlier than usual, like around 6:30.

I have to say it wasn’t my most productive day at the home office. I answered all my emails fairly promptly, did edits for the staff newsletter (that takes time, and I’m pretty careful with it), and took a look at a proposal draft that came back to me with edits. I didn’t do any actual writing, and not for lack of assignments. It was one of those days after which I think I owe my employer some extra time and work.

Pretty much as soon as I was done with work, I got ready for bed. The plan was to spend as long as I needed in bed to get a full night’s sleep, even if it were split up a few times. Which it was. I had no trouble dropping off; I was so exhausted. But it wasn’t the putting-myself-to-bed sleep, the intentional stuff with Darth Vader that my body and brain need. It was fall-asleep-with-the-phone-in-my-hand-halfway-through-a-text-message sleep.

Still it was pretty restful, since my body slept me hard. It was intense sleep. Between around 6:30 in the evening and 2:00 in the morning, I think I slept pretty well. I was really hungry by then, so I got up and ate a can of pork and beans, right from the can. When you’re eating canned pork and beans because the budget demands it, it can be a disheartening meal, even if you love it, which I do. When you don’t have to, it’s a nice meal. Eating out of the can reminds of camping with my Boy Scout troop, which always brings good memories. I like camp eating.

I went back to bed for a little more sleep.

So my meals were the McD’s overload and the can of beans. I snacked on two snack bags of kettle chips. Actually one was a snack around lunch time; the other was part of that late dinner of canned beans.

Traded a few texts with Penny to see how she was doing with that new phone. Sharon sent me a link to a Q&A with a certain local candidate. She wanted to know my thoughts, but I fell asleep in the middle of the article, so I haven’t gotten back to her on it yet. Crush Girl asked me for some food recommendations in a certain neighborhood. I sent her some good ones but she ate elsewhere with her friends.

Did not go for a walk, as sleep was the priority. If I listened to music, I don’t remember what it was. I did listen to several podcasts, some of them twice, just to have the sound of conversation in the background after already listening to them actively the first time. I like going to sleep with podcasts playing, but I don’t want to miss anything, so I usually play stuff I’ve already heard.

When I’m not falling asleep in the middle of text conversations, I’m not a bad SMS conversationalist. So if you need someone to connect with, hit me up. These are bizarre times, and they call reassurance or encouragement wherever you can get it.

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