Lockdown: Writer’s malaise

After the laundry early Thursday morning, I tried to hit the beach. The mayor closed all the parks, but in-the-water activities are still allowed, just like in March. So you have to find somewhere to put your vehicle, and you’re allowed to walk through the park on your way to the ocean.

When I got to the parking lot at Kewalo at 5:30, it was full. Crazy. I considered parking in that lot behind the Ilikai and walking to Fort DeRussy as I’ve done, but it’s a little bit of a walk, and you encounter a lot of walkers on the way, who don’t always steer clear of you. I’m too freaked about these rising numbers.

I’ll try early another morning.

I didn’t work very well, despite having enough sleep. Mostly did a lot of thinking about the stories I was supposed to have done by Friday. It’s part of the work. Sometimes it just happens this way and I’m silly to try to fight it, but I had high hopes for Thursday and I was annoyed that I couldn’t make the words coalesce. My focus was for crap.

I sorta packed it in early, knowing it was a losing battle. Did a few quick chores, had dinner, and dozed off. Woke up around 1:30 still tired, so I finished the half-done thing I was working on and got back to bed around 2:30. Without finishing Digging for Fire.

Breakfast was a slice of POG pie. A thin slice. For lunch, I made a little stir-fry of kale, choy sum, brean sprouts, and canned green beans. It was terrible. I thought at first it was the green beans giving the entire dish a metallic taste, but I think it was the choy sum. Also, mixing the canned greens with fresh greens was a bad idea. I put them over some lazy fried rice and that wasn’t much of an improvement. Geez.

I did the best I could but I didn’t have it in me to finish the meal. Put half of it away for leftovers and ate another (not quite as thin) slice of pie for lunch instead.

Dinner was chili and hapa rice. Yum.

The engineering group text with Julie, Cindy, and Suzanne was kind of heated Thursday. We had a bit of a contention about when to call out racism when we see it among our friends. Heavy stuff but good thoughts. There was some silliness too, sprinkled among the race talk. Good friends.

Sharon and I traded texts about some time off she’s taking for her sister’s wedding. She’s flying. Ugh. I wish she wouldn’t.

Ali and I traded a few funny photos and that turned kind of rough when I made a crude (but I swear altogether appropriate) comment about one of them. Ah well.

Crush Girl and I texted about the ridiculous COVID-19 numbers we’re getting. It was most disheartening.

Skipped the walk because whatever. Ha.

Kind of a lame day saved by some good conversation via texts. There’s more where that came from if you’re in need. Just hit me up in the comments.

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