Lockdown: Yo quiero

“If you’re super unproductive the first four days of the week but kill it on Friday, you can go into the weekend feeling like you deserve a promotion.” I wrote this on one of the social media platforms late Friday and this could really be my whole journal entry.

I had deadlines on two things Friday, but these deadlines on stories (unlike on proposals) are flexible depending on what pops up. Everything is urgent; there are just different levels of urgency, remember? I struggled to put the finishing polish on one story but did get it in near the end of my supervisor’s workday, so that was nice.

The other story is going to have to wait until Monday, but fairly late in the day, we got the okay to run a story I finished last week that ran into some problems. It wasn’t in presentable condition, though, so I had to prettify that one. Two stories submitted Friday for one of our major (annual) publications is a big deal when I’ve struggled all summer to finish stories.

So I’m feeling pretty good even though I really have no right.

I slept restlessly Thursday night, but felt pretty okay Friday anyway. I watched the news and did a few small chores. I was too tired to watch some Halt and Catch Fire. Made myself do the getting-ready-for-bed stuff and called it a day at about 9:30 in the evening. No walk.

Before I started work, I ran to the service station mini mart on the corner. It has one of those water dispensing machines but not from the company I prefer, so I only got four gallons. I’d woken up with this strange craving for Taco Bell for breakfast. I guess Taco Bell’s had a breakfast menu for a couple of years, but I’ve never tried it, and I was going to make it happen Friday.

Which is not to say I’ve never had Taco Bell for breakfast. Many times in my adulthood have I left a couple of tacos still in their wrappers on the kitchen counter overnight (or, in more responsible moments, in the fridge) and scarfed them first thing in the morning. Gross but still great, somehow. I know this sounds like hangover behavior but it wasn’t.

So I drove the couple of blocks to Taco Bell and overdid it, of course. A steak grilled breakfast burrito, a sausage breakfast Crunchwrap, and two Cinnabites. All I have to say is holy moly. What a great breakfast. It’s going to take some willpower not to hit that a few more times in the next week or two; I’m serious.

To atone for all that culinary sin, I had a slice of POG pie for lunch. Then a bowl of chili and hapa rice for dinner.

Not a banner day, yet also a day to remember because of that breakfast.

I have to make better choices for my carnal pleasures, for sure. Maybe if I limit myself to such things only on days after I’ve had a good swim.

Sylvia sent me a photo of these two-ingredient bagels she made. She made them without the hole this time, and they look like yummy, soft English muffins. Might have to give these a try. Crush Girl and I traded a few texts related to her work. I got an text from Dustin about a mutual friend who could be a good story for one of our publications — which is funny because I had just finished conversing with her about pitching her story. Ali sent me a photo of an ice cream stand she was making a late ice cream run at, which was awesome to see. I had a nice FB messenger conversation with that friend about pitching her story. She’s having a rough pandemic but she got some encouraging news Friday, so that was encouraging.

Looking forward to a good weekend. I’ll watch some stuff on the TV for sure, but also plan to listen to some good music and lose myself in a book. And there’s one slice of that pie left!

It’s easy to feel disconnected and distant if you’re locking down the way I mostly am. So if you need a few texts to get anchor you or something, leave a comment and I’ll send you my contact info.

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