Lockdown: Getting to Natsunoya

People frequently joke about Friday being an unproductive day at work, but it’s often my most productive day, especially in those few final hours on the clock. I really try to get as much of my list ticked as I can before the weekend. The more unproductive Monday through Thursday are, the more I’m likely to get serious stuff done Friday.

Friday didn’t want to make it easy for me, though. Started with a 9:00 Zoom I didn’t handle very well, followed by a 10:00 Zoom directly about my work, which seemed a little awkward for everyone but me. I was a bit oblivious to subcontexts, so they flew over my head while I think others stepped gingerly around something about which I’m still not fully aware.

It took a little bit of recovery time. I coordinate the office fantasy football league, so I spent a little bit of time communicating with the other participants. Then I drove to Natsunoya for some takeout, and although it wasn’t great, it was good, and it powered me the rest of the way. I first-drafted the story about the ex-UH Manoa football player I interviewed on the phone, then worked a little on some acknowledgement letters for one of the units.

The lunch was a surf and turf special, steak and garlic shrimp. Pretty good but overpriced. I appreciated the potato-mac salad, which is made with spaghetti noodles instead of elbow macaroni. I love that. They also threw in a jin dui and a nice piece of eggplant. It was a nice bounce-back from breakfast, which was Korean instant ramen with a couple of eggs and some Vienna sausage. The cholesterol special. I had to hurry it up because of that 9:00 meeting (why I agree to them I do not know). Wolfed down some very pleasurable bites, then had to leave it until a forced five-minute gap before the second meeting.

It was two hours sitting on the table before I got to enjoy the second half, by which it was cold and soggy. Still not bad, to be honest.

Dinner was some angel hair. I made the same sauce but added some Portuguese sausage I have to use up. I enjoyed it while watching the second half of Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. The movie slogs in a few spots, and it’s too long by fifteen minutes. Still, it’s dumber than the original and quite a bit funnier. There’s a cute takeoff on The Seventh Seal, which I still have not seen. In that film, a character plays chess with Death. In this one, the characters play Battleship instead. I laughed aloud several times.

Stayed up a bit later than planned — like past two, approaching three. But I needed this weekend, and was eager to indulge after a week of going to bed early.

I got a text from a coworker who wanted to know where some templates are. Crush Girl and I exchanged a few messages about my lunch and our upcoming long weekend. Jennifer sent me an article about making kvass, which is a drink you make with sourdough starter and some dark bread, and I’m totally game to try it. I’m not a big fan of rye but I might bring home a loaf of pumpernickel and give it a shot.

Still have to awaken my sourdough starter, though. It’s one of the last remaining items in my old fridge.

I feel good about the week, especially the quick turnaround on that one story and hitting the beach three times. I also made some good progress on the Beast, which I am blocking off some time for this weekend as well. I much prefer Friday holidays, but the nice thing about Monday holidays is that I have more time to do Monday evening stuff. It’s one of my busier personal evenings of the week.

Hope you’re holding on too, wherever and whoever you are. These sucky days won’t be with us forever, but they are going to be with us a while. So reach out if you need some connection. I’m here for it.

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