Lockdown: Fantasy island

I cruised into Saturday without a real agenda. Then I got the email from Don saying our fantasy football league, which goes back twenty-five years or longer, is on. In a group email we scheduled the draft for Monday afternoon.

I immediately scheduled a couple of live drafts in Yahoo leagues, money leagues this time, to get back into the groove. Then I popped open this Google Sheets spreadsheet I use, shared with the guys in my league. It’s sort of a real-time draft board, and every year I add something cool to it. This year I wanted to add some buttons, to automate certain repetitive tasks.

It’s not as easy as just recording a macro, which I’ve done in Excel. What I wanted to do required a little bit of scripting, so I taught myself some of the script Google Sheets uses and spent a huge chunk of Saturday playing around with it. The learning curve was initially steep, but my experience with coding helped a lot: I tried a few things intuitively, and they mostly worked.

Now the sheet is super functional but not very pretty — I knew if I tried to make the buttons pretty, I’d spend all weekend just on that. So this will be my improvement for next year.

I watched two episodes of Halt and Catch Fire. Got through a box in my attack on the Beast. Not a Rubbermaid tub, but a cardboard box this time. Almost all of it went into the trash. Yay. Took a while, though, since it was mostly papers and notebooks.

Breakfast and lunch were both leftover angel hair. I picked up another pie in the morning (blueberry peach), so a slice of that was my snack. For dinner I went to the Chinese restaurant in my hood and got takeout: stuffed eggplant, tofu and mixed veggies, and beef broccoli with cake noodle (it’s a Hawaii thing). Lots of leftovers, of course. I didn’t even touch the tofu and mixed veggies, and have half remaining of the other two dishes.

Sharon and I traded some texts about this thing I saw at the Chinese restaurant (her family owns a Chinese restaurant in town), then we got to other topics, mostly a former best friend of hers who’s been bugging her. Ali texted to tell me she read a passage in a book that made her think of me. That was nice.

Went to bed early with big plans for Sunday.

It’s too late to be part of my Sunday (I’m writing this on Sunday evening), but I’ve got a whole week ahead of me during which I expect not a thing to be different from the six months leading up to it, so if you need a little connectivity, leave a comment.

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