Lockdown: Phase doubt

Thursday I did finish that acknowledgment letter. I think I did a pretty dang good job on it, if I did take far too much of my employer’s time to do it. Did a little bit of housekeeping stuff, had a phone meeting and a Zoom meeting. Kinda got started on this teaser copy for the emailed version of one of our publications. I didn’t get very far on it, but I’m not too worried. Sometimes you just kinda soak it all in, then you sit down to write it the next day and it just comes.

After I did Friday’s NYT crossword Thursday evening (in under twelve minutes, thank you very much), I got kind of caught up in another of their puzzle games, something called Tiles. It reminds me a lot of Set (which NYT also has on their site but which I’ve never played online) crossed with Shanghai. Pretty fascinating. My evening sorta got away from me this way.

Got ready for bed and turned in early-ish so I could go to the beach Friday, but when the alarm went off after some pretty crappy, useless sleep, I realized that depending on how you look at it, Friday was the first day of the monthly jellyfish invasion of Oahu’s south shores. Argh.

I used to look at this calendar that told me when the full moon is, then count nine days up from that. The real influx is on the tenth day after the full moon, but some eager jellies come in the day before and some laggers come the day after. I usually leave that three-day window tightly shut.

Lately I’ve been looking at a moon phases app, and it doesn’t give me a single full moon day. It give me like three. I don’t know which is the one day. It’s very annoying.

So I stayed in bed.

Let’s see. Breakfast may have been a blondie. And a half. They were better the morning after. I also had a couple of clementines and a few bites of potato salad.

For lunch, I still had the untouched leftover veggies and tofu from the Chinese takeout last weekend. I made a pot of quinoa, then stirred in the Chinese food. It was good. It was filling enough, too, that all I had for dinner was a few more bites of potato salad.

I had a bunch of questions for Ryan, about his status as a public figure and whether he had any publicly vocal haters. We traded some thoughts via text. It was an interesting conversation. Sylvia and I texted a few times through the day. She made some nice-looking homemade chips in her air fryer. We chatted a little about football.

Crush Girl and I chatted about my blondies and some other stuff. It was nice too.

Looking forward to the weekend, and to a productive Friday at my desk. The latter will make the former a lot better, so I’m psyching myself up.

Hit me up in comments if you need someone to connect with in these dark lockdown days. I’m here for it.

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