Lockdown: More texts about buildings and food

Once I decided not to hit the beach, I got a little more sleep, which I needed because I slept terribly. I ran a few errands before work, filling a few jugs with water from not my usual spot or my usual second spot, but my third spot, which is a bit further but still in the hood. It’s in front of a convenience store on King Street near the Zippy’s.

The Korean market is right next door, and although that’s not my first choice for Japanese things, it was right there and it was early in the morning, so I figured there wouldn’t be very many fellow customers. I needed miso.

On the way home I stopped at Golden Coin, not because I wanted anything but because I’ve got this expired safety sticker on the back of my car and there was a cop across the street. I pulled into the lot to avoid his seeing my tail. Had to go through the motions, so I picked up a pork adobo plate for lunch.

I hit the Taco Bell drive-though for breakfast. It was pretty good.

I worked super inefficiently Friday, but I did get stuff done, and then I worked until about nine to get that teaser copy finished. I was tired, and I only ate half the pork adobo at lunch, so the rest of it was dinner.

Went to bed but didn’t put myself to bed, and it was like that all night. Just effing miserable. And I got up like five times to use the restroom, which is one of the stupid symptoms of sleep apnea. I don’t get up because I have to use the bathroom; I have to use the bathroom because I’ve woken up.

It was just a terrible night.

Crush Girl and I texted intermittently all day about various mundane things. It was nice. Sylvia and I switched between the office Skype and texting through the day, about food, IM platforms, and food.

The week went by quickly, something I seldom say about a four-day work week. I could have used more and better sleep, but everything else was pretty okay.

Leave a comment if you’re looking for more connectivity in these idiotic pandemic days. I got some bandwidth for texting or whatever.

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