Lockdown: Halt and catch the dang ball

Crappy sleep doesn’t have to set the tone for the whole day; nor does it necessarily make for terrible weekend relaxation or productivity. In Saturday’s case, however, crappy sleep was the general theme. I dragged my self up after insufficient rest and mostly goofed off on my phone.

The rest of the day was mostly the kind of lazying you do when you have an unexpected super-rainy day when the bosses tell you not to come in. I checked the football news every couple of hours. I played a lot of stupid games on my phone, including Tsum Tsum, which I hadn’t played in three years.

It’s just as addicting now as it was when I first picked it up ages ago.

Read the news. Did the crossword. The Saturday NYT destroyed me — I couldn’t do any of the northwest corner despite working really hard to fill the rest. I watched two episodes of Halt and Catch Fire season two. Episodes six and seven.

I suspect many (if not most) fans of the show would say the relationships keep the show interesting, but I could honestly do without them. The show drags when it’s not about the tech, and the tech stuff is moving too slowly for me in the middle of the season, after some pretty great stuff early.

Despite my not grooving on the relationships, one character’s love interest, played by Aleksa Palladino, is freaking beautiful. She sorta makes it worth it.

Breakfast was a slice of blueberry peach pie. I was tired and annoyed with myself. It was there. Tasted great but did very, very little to assuage either my tiredness or annoyance.

I had a small ribeye in the fridge from my trip to the supermarket last weekend. It was delicious, but I overcooked it to medium well. I’m getting better, but I’m still going to do stuff like this. Good thing I like a well-done steak too.

I had it with instant mashed potatoes, with gorgonzola. It was enough food that I only ate half, then finished it off for dinner.

I consumed a couple of blondies a bite at a time through the day. Definitely not as good two days after baking, but still good.

Crush Girl and I texted a teeny bit, mostly concluding a conversation from Friday evening. Sylvia and I had a conversation about hot sauce — she sent me a photo of this Korean brand. I’ve seen (and tried) the super-spicy instant ramen from the same brand, so this is intriguing. Doesn’t look like a condiment, though. It looks like something you add to cooked noodles, like a shiru base.

Jennifer sent me a link to the new New Order single, which I didn’t know existed. It’s good; you should give it a spin if you dig NO. I forwarded it to my classmate Kathy, with whom I attended the NO concert two years ago. Jennifer also updated me on that orphaned otter. Very cute.

Football begins Sunday, despite my sorta not wanting it to. I’ll watch one or two of the games, depending on which network has the afternoon game. I get my digital TV over the air, and my reception of Fox is bad enough that my TV doesn’t pick it up. So if CBS is showing one game, I’ll watch one. If CBS is showing two, I’ll watch two. It’ll be more Halt and Catch Fire if it’s less football.

I have to wait until Monday before I can get into the water. This kind of sucks.

Reach out in comments if you want someone to connect with in these days of insanity. There’s room for everyone.

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