Lockdown: Thursday’s child has far to go

Once upon a time, Thursday was my most productive day of the week. It was true in high school mostly because I was always in the best mood on Thursday. It wasn’t true in college at all, but it was true again when I was teaching. When I worked for the engineers it was mostly true because most of my team (the marketing and publications department) was in Manila, and it was Friday in Manila. Whatever I didn’t get done with them Thursday had to wait until Monday.

In the regular working world I’m now part of, where I’m not working with people who live across the International Date Line, my day is Friday. Thursday tends to be a get-charged-up kind of day in anticipation of kicking butt Friday. It shouldn’t be this way but it is.

My supervisor being off Thursday and Friday surely didn’t help matters, ‘though I do try to be productive when she’s out, just to go against expectations.

So Thursday was mostly a get-the-small-stuff-done kind of day. More edits on that story with the ex-football player. More appeal letter edits. A bit of housekeeping. Some outlining on those two stories I need to finish.

I have to admit I was also tired. After a night of bad sleep, I got up early to hit the beach, and although I didn’t go very hard, I am pretty sure my body was still feeling Monday’s activity, because when I got out of the water I was really weak and tired, not pumped as I usually am.

It still felt good; just tired good, not stoked good.

I was amused by my getting up two hours later than I had been to get into the water at about the same time. No more rushing to Kewalo to snare metered parking.

After work, I watched the conclusion of season two of Halt and Catch Fire. Not how I wanted it to end, but not terrible. I think I’m going to take a break before I watch season three. It’s never been released on DVD, so I’m going to have to download and watch it or stream it. Either way it’s a rental or a purchase through one of the services. Each season was twenty five bucks the last time I checked, and while I consider it worth it, there’s too much stuff I want to see that I’m already paying for with monthly service subscriptions.

I have disc one of season one of Grace and Frankie sitting on my counter right now, in fact.

I picked up breakfast on my way home from the beach. I got a California Love omelette from Egghead. Avocado, bacon, onion, bell pepper, cheddar, and salsa. It was good, possibly very good. Weirdly, all the avocado seemed to be crammed into the back end of the omelette, so I hardly tasted any at all in the first half of the meal and enjoyed the heck out of the second.

I also had an order of “cheese eggs.” Scrambled eggs with Swiss cheese and some country bread. It was good but not nine bucks good.

I kind of burned right through all that food and was pretty hungry at lunch, when I had leftover pasta. I overdid it on the leftovers and was kind of miserable and in pain for some time after, another contributor to my slowness with work. For dinner all I had was a few handsful of chips. Went to bed early but didn’t go to sleep until late, just looking at football news and G-chatting with Jocelyn. We haven’t been conversing much at all lately, mostly because i think she’s suuuuuuuuper busy.

Most of my meals the next few days are coming out of the cabinet, not the fridge. I’m pretty much out of fresh stuff, and I’m determined not to hit the supermarket until Sunday or Monday night. I do have some local free-range eggs ($$$). And some Impossible sausages in my freezer. Gee, I wonder why they are the last to go. I guess I’ll give them a try sometime this weekend.

Gotta get through Friday first, though. And if you need to connect with someone to help you get through, I’m good for some texting or instant messaging. Leave a comment and I’ll send you my contact info.

Thursday, Sylvia and I talked about food. I was so full from leftover pasta that everything she sent me a photo of looked gross to me.

Sharon and I texted about some former coworkers who’ve found some landing spots. It was nice to have some good news in Bloody Wednesday’s aftermath. Most of our friends are still looking, though.

Charles sent me a DM in IG with a photo of a sign in a Chinese-owned takeout spot. Misspelled words. I thanked him even though I’m not sharing bad signage from entrepreneurs who are obviously non-native English-speakers.

Oh, and Paula and I traded a bunch of DMs in IG, speaking of entrepreneurs. Until a couple of weeks ago, she ran my favorite baseball cards shop. She’s retired and we traded some messages about writing well and about going to the beach. I’m pleased to see she’s learning some stand-up paddleboarding.

Crush Girl and I G-chatted a bit too. Idle chitchat, mostly.

Idle chitchat is the stuff of life nowadays. Mundanity is the rule; excitement is usually the bad sort. Kind of like most Thursdays lately.

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