Lockdown: Now that’s a spicy nugget

I’ve added a new responsibility to my job, and Friday was my first time trying it out. I’m adding content to the company website: some of the stories I write, plus news releases and stuff like that. I have a lot of experience with web content and content management systems, and I stepped confidently into the driver’s seat on this CMS. We run Drupal with all kinds of modifications, which of course is one reason to use Drupal.

For years, I posted content on another of our sites, the alumni site which also runs Drupal, but there’s a third-party overlay that makes it a lot simpler than our main site.

It took me about three hours. I warned my supervisor that the first few were going to take me a lot of time. And it was just a short news release with one photo.

Thursday night I got the best sleep I’ve had in more than a week. Slept terribly (again) the first half of the night, but then got my act together and strapped in and got a good four and a half hours before time to get up. I’m not hopeless.

I knew it, too. Often when I wake up, I guess what time it is or how long I’ve been asleep (the Darth Vader machine keeps track of the night’s accumulated time), and when I woke up it felt like four and a half hours before I checked the display.

I drove to Rainbow’s to pick up breakfast and lunch. A loco moco for breakfast; a “Rainbow Royal” for lunch. It’s just a double cheeseburger deluxe with their special sauce, which I’m pretty sure is TI dressing. It’s a good burger. I need to remind myself sometimes that you don’t have to get a plate lunch at a plate lunch joint.

I was going to skip dinner, mostly because I waited too long to get something started, but I was also a little restless, so I drove to the strip mall hoping Subway might still be open. It wasn’t. Now I was hungry. Hellloooo McD’s drive-through.

I got the new spicy chicken McNuggets combo. The nuggets are good but not really an improvement on the old. I ate only a few fries and threw them out. I just suddenly became very uninterested in food. I think my body was telling me I’d had enough or something.

There wasn’t a lot of messaging Friday. A small amount of G-chatting with Crush Girl. Some office Skyping with Sharon. FB messenging with Allyson; she was doing me a favor at the KCC library.

Went to bed at ten in hopes of getting to the beach Saturday morning.

Leave a comment if you’d like someone to message with. Connectivity is key.

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