Lockdown: My diet is “die” with a T

It took me a while to kick Sunday into motion, but I did it and I feel pretty okay about it.

Started with the Giants-Bears game, which was fine if not especially memorable. Did some reading on safe weed killers. Ate a bunch of red grapes for breakfast. Window-shopped for animation software.

Followed that with the Chiefs and Chargers. The Chargers have nothing to hang their head about. They played a great game and showed the league what the Niners showed in the Super Bowl: the Chiefs offense can be stopped. It just takes a heck of team to keep it up for a whole four quarters. In this case, it took four quarters and overtime and the Chargers weren’t quite up to that. But hey. It was their QB’s first game ever and he didn’t even know he was starting until just before kickoff.

I did the Sunday NYT crossword in nineteen minutes and change. Ate a slice of pineapple whip pie for lunch. I didn’t mean to; I was just hungry and there it was. Looked at all my fantasy teams. Played stupid phone games.

Then it was the Patriots and Seahawks. Heck of a game. I didn’t sit in front of the TV and soak it in, though. I emptied and (sorta) cleaned the fridge. It’s going to take a few more days; needs a little bit of elbow grease and some drying out. I got it unplugged with the doors wide open right now, with a bottle of bleachy water and some rags nearby.

It was seriously unpleasant for reasons I don’t want to get into, but I promise you they are unlike anything you’ve seen even in the grossest of fridge-cleaning projects. But I got it done. Yay.

Did a few other chores and then the game was over. I dropped half a pie off at Penny’s and went to the office for the software updates, stopping at Grace’s (the plate lunch place, not my friend’s) for a chicken katsu dinner. I was so hungry. Took care of my phone updates while I was at it (the office wifi is great when nobody else is in the office).

Texted a little with Crush Girl too, while I was in the office. Sylvia and I traded a few messages about McD’s — she tried the spicy Chicken McNuggets too.

I’m on vacation Monday. Aside from the beach and some more decluttering, I don’t really have plans. Maybe work on the podcast and tidy up my desk area. I still have to watch Bill and Ted 3, which I am reviewing for the staff newsletter, but I also downloaded both seasons of The Office (the original BBC series) and the whole season of Central Park, which I saw the first episode of on Apple TV+ and found mildly amusing.

Oh, I forgot I have some editing to do for the second issue of Hawaii Stories. I think I’ll take care of that when I get back from the beach. I didn’t go to the grocery store Sunday night as planned. I want to plan a meal or two before I go, so I’ll do that Monday night. Make plans to make something different, so I can shop with more purpose.

I say it every day because I mean it. In March, I set out to log certain things I knew I’d have to keep track of, in order to avoid slipping into my worst tendencies. Except for a few trips to the edge of the abyss, I think I’ve mostly done okay, although my eating choices lately have been for utter crap. And I’m finally getting a little bored.

I keep track of my interpersonal interactions because left to myself, I’m apt to withdraw entirely, which I know is no good for me. Dropping half a pie off at Penny’s is only minimally about getting that thing out of my house so I don’t inhale the entire thing. It’s mostly about being in other people’s lives, and keeping them in mine. So if you need a little of that, hit me up in comments.

Someone else said it, but I repeat it to myself nearly every day: each day you’re not contributing to the health crisis, you’re doing something good for the world. If you have to eat a few pies, scrub a few refrigerators, swim a few miles, or text a total stranger just for some connection, it’s all good. You’re not out there spreading illness, threatening the health and safety of your neighbors. So do what you need to do.

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