Lockdown: My brain. Is mossy.

I welcomed the start of the weekend but I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it. I didn’t have major plans or high ambitions; I just hoped I might make it something different.

Woke up early to get to the beach. Parking was a little tight when I pulled into the drive at about 5:30, but I could tell it was mostly surfers. Got a decent parking spot and looked at social media for a while before jumping into the ocean.

The water was moving. I went in on the Magic Island end and swam west, and I was going a lot faster than my strokes should have taken me. So I went a bit further than usual, turned around and really had to work my way back. There weren’t very many swimmers. I was in the water longer than usual, past forty-five minutes, possibly approaching an hour, ‘though certainly not more than that.

I ran a couple of early-morning errands, then got breakfast from Nico’s. Grilled ahi with rice and a tossed salad, which I ate in the Zippy’s parking lot while waiting for Hawaiian Pie Company to open. I had a pineapple whip pie to pick up.

Read the news. Took a nap. A long nap. Had a slice of pie for lunch. Messed around on my phone. Kinda surfed the over-the-air channels for a while, falling into a little bit of a Wikipedia hole as I read about some of the channels.

For dinner, I made a pot of quinoa with onions, eggs, and that Impossible sausage I need to use up. It was fine. It was even good, and sausage-like enough, although the way I used it probably isn’t playing to its strength. I have two links left so I may fry them up Sunday the normal way and see how they do.

I had half the pot for leftovers, too. Might stir in a can of corn when I heat it up later.

I made plans with Penny (via text) to drop off half the pie for her sometime Sunday, since I’m planning to go to the office and update software on the work laptop. I also gave her a little bit of advice for purchasing a laptop.

Sylvia and I texted quite a bit in the evening. I can’t say what it was about (it’s work-related) but it was pretty cool. Good news at a time when my coworkers and I can really use some.

I’ve fallen into a little bit of a sameness funk, despite more trips to the beach, which are up to three a week. Novelty snacks aren’t doing it for me anymore. I’ve hit a bit of a lull in the decluttering this past week, and I think that’s part of it. Planning to finally empty and clean out the old fridge (and turn it the heck off!) Sunday during the late football game. That’ll feel good, and perhaps get me out of decluttering inertia. I don’t want to break my streak of weeks taking the bin to the curb full to the top.

Media consumption is interesting while I’m consuming it, but it doesn’t make me feel good once I’ve turned it off. I think football’s going to be the same. I’ve been talking to Penny about helping me with a test run of the podcast.

I wonder if channeling some creative energy that way will do it. I’ve just been having second thoughts about how interesting this Plan B is going to be. Since the first ten are for practice anyway, I think I should just jump in and use ten episodes to figure it out.

Stuff to think about.

Connection. If you need some and want to trade texts or DMs, just leave a comment and I’ll send you my contact info.

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