Lockdown: Acascuse me, annoying laundry dude

Monday night I slept terribly again. I really need to get a grip on this or it’s going to be a miserable autumn.

I got right to work Tuesday morning, catching up on emails and doing a few quick edits on appeal letters. Corresponded with two of the donors. Played around with the two stories I’m working on. Kind of a routine, uneventful day.

The Amazon fairy brought a Blu-Ray with the entire Pitch Perfect trilogy, so that kept me occupied right after work while I got my laundry ready and did a few chores. It was a bit more than usual, since I used a ton of rags on cleaning out the old fridge and defrosting the new. New, store-bought, microfiber rags I don’t want to just toss even though the ones I used on the old fridge were disgusting. I hosed them out, sun-dried them, and threw them into a separate bag for a separate wash.

Got to bed around nine, an hour later than I planned. I could have made it by eight but after I took care of all the lame chores, I kind of goofed off in my downtime.

Breakfast was my fresh bread with some local peanut butter. I still have some of that expensive stuff I bought for the relative who doesn’t like peanuts. This was that Kona coffee peanut butter and wow. It’s really good. Probably a bit too sweet, but still kind of amazing. I’d feel very confident giving this stuff as gifts for people who like peanut butter. Which my intended recipient does not.

For lunch I made some tuna fish and ate it with the bread. Not exactly sandwiches; more like a spread. The bread’s a little dense for sandwiches, even when I slice it about as thinly as I can.

I had a little before-bed snack of two clementines. They are so good right out of the fridge. I’d never purchased them before my trip to the supermarket a couple of weeks ago, only getting them when people at the office shared them, when they were room temperature. They’re good like that, but wow, they’re delicious cold. I’ve added them to my regular shopping list.

Dinner was a Big Mac combo from McD’s, which I picked up on my way to the laundry. There’s a guy here who, for the past two weeks (yeah, he was here when I was here a couple hours later last week), uses the machines right next to where I’m situated, despite there being three other rows of machines not in use at all. It’s very annoying. Last time, he hung out in front of his machines the entire time they were running (it was a little crowded by the time I had my clothes in the dryer, and the other hangout spots were taken, but still). Anyway geez. How about a little bit of space, potential spreader?

He also slams the washer doors shut, very forcefully, which you would have to do if you were to close them without just turning the latch. Man, I didn’t even know the machines could be slammed shut like that. What an annoying guy. I’ll bet when he’s a passenger in your car, he changes the radio station, puts his feet on your dashboard, and slams the door with obnoxious force when you drop him off.

I was going to add he probably goes through your glove compartment too, but I actually don’t mind that when certain people do it, so I took it off the list. Ali did that the first time I drove her in my car and I found it kind of charming.

She texted me just before I got up to do the laundry, asking me a little about my (suspected, undiagnosed) seasonal depression. Also sent me a nice photo of a sunrise she took on her morning commute. It was sweet.

Sylvia and I texted about the Sun noodle company for some reason. Another coworker texted to ask if I knew about this email we all got, announcing Sylvia’s moving to a completely new position in the company. She wanted to know if I knew about it. I did — it was the thing I said Sylvia and I texted about the other night that I couldn’t share. Very cool, and I’m super happy for my friend.

I had to text Penny to ask for updated contact info for a mutual friend. My friend Lauren had some questions related to the work this mutual friend is an expert on. So the mutual friend and I texted a few times, and Lauren and I texted a few times.

Sharon texted to ask if I’d seen Mulan yet, which I will do someday but probably not soon. The cast is amazing but the reviews just aren’t compelling enough at that price, plus I don’t subscribe to Disney +. We talked about a coworker who might be leaving soon. Ugh. A serious downer. One of my favorite coworkers.

My former HPU classmate and Assets colleague Jill messaged me on FB to ask for some help with a potential grad school project. And Fern messaged me on FB to ask a hypothetical about Olivia Munn and Anna Kendrick. I haven’t responded to that one yet.

I guess, come to think of it, I’d be okay with Ali changing my radio stations and putting her feet on the dashboard too. But not the door-slamming. I hate that.

Haven’t decided yet if I’m going to the beach after the laundry. I’ll decide when I’m done, I think. Not really feeling it this morning, but I might need it.

Don’t forget to reach out if you could use some more connectivity. Leave a comment and I’ll send you contact info.

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