Lockdown: Multi-level friendship in virus days

I’m writing about Thursday at 2:30 Friday night, so I’m really behind. I’m also listening to the new Public Enemy album, and listening to rap makes writing difficult. But you know. When it’s time for Public Enemy, it’s time.

More progress, yet still no completion, on my stories. Worked on my contributions to the staff newsletter, which was a good break. I took my lunch hour late, at 3:00 after our department’s Zoom meeting, so I could sit in on my high-school classmate Vicky’s MLM seminar.

I avoid these things as avidly as anyone, but Vicky’s a good friend, this is a side hustle she’s been working at for a long time, it’s important to her, and if I can give up half an hour of my day to be an attentive audience and help her out, why shouldn’t I do it? In fact, since the seminar (attended by her since I think I was officially her guest, but not led by her) was super non-threatening, I’m thinking I should find other friends running MLM businesses and just volunteer, if it actually does help.

The thing was on Zoom, and we had the option to participate with video and audio turned off. I’ll admit it was also mildly interesting and I won’t rule out placing an order although I have to say I’m not enthusiastic at all about the product, and it’s a bit pricey. It’s for Vicky.

I worked a little later than usual, the last hour while watching the news, then worked on the Beast. I actually went through two small tubs and a larger one, and pretty much emptied two of them. The sorting was easy; it was mostly books and DVDs. The books went on a shelf in a cabinet I’m using as temporary book holding, in my laundry room. The DVDs went into a couple of carrying cases I picked up on Amazon at the beginning of summer. They hold forty normal-sized DVDs, and they’re big enough to accommodate those whole-season boxes. I haven’t decided what to do with my DVDs in the long term, but since I still prefer them to digital services, I need a reasonable way to store them while I figure it all out.

The space this decluttering opened up after just Thursday evening’s work is noticeable. It feels good. I’m focusing lately on the area right around my work space, where I spend most of my waking hours these days.

Breakfast was leftover beef stroganoff. It was a little better the next day but still disappointing. Lunch was a couple of clementines, followed by a couple more some time later. Dinner was more of the bread I made the other day, some of it with tuna and some with peanut butter.

I went to bed kind of early so I could get to the beach Friday morning before work.

Sylvia texted me early to talk about some of her feelings about the new position. I kinda wish she could just get started, as the build-up is causing her more stress than I think is healthy. I texted the other Jennifer to give her some thoughts on Bill & Ted.

Crush Girl and I texted briefly about stuff we cooked recently and traded some thought about the fire in Manoa that got really close to houses and schools. Oh, and of course Vicky and I traded texts about the seminar we attended. I told her I’m not interested in any kind of side gig with her, but I’m not ruling out trying the product, which I wouldn’t say (to her) if I didn’t mean it.

I have room in my day for more connectivity if it’s what you need. Hit me up in comments if you want some fellowship.

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