Lockdown: Everybody was tofu fighting

Slept pretty terribly Friday night. I’m very disappointed in myself.

I started the weekend with the usual Saturday morning stuff. Crossword puzzle. News. Podcasts. Stupid phone games. A little bit of texting.

I called my parents in the late morning. They seem still to be hanging in there, which was nice to hear. I spent close to an hour with them, most of it with my dad. My mom says her phone calls with her friends are a lot like my phone calls with her. How are you? About the same; how are you? About the same. Anything new? Not really. You? Nope.

I also spent some time working on my Christmas shopping. It’s difficult to tell what the Christmas season is going to look like, including my employment status, so I think I’m going to try to get my gifts taken care of by the beginning of November.

I had a couple of clementines for a late breakfast, then a small bag of chips for a snack. So by the time I got lunch-dinner started, I was pretty hungry.

For some reason, I always assumed mapo tofu was complicated to prepare. That local chef acquaintance who died last week? He posted a photo on IG just a few hours before of the dish he made that morning: mapo tofu. So I had it on my mind when I went to the grocery store Monday night, and found a good recipe.

It does have a lot of ingredients, which is probably why I thought it would be more challenging, but the actual preparation isn’t complicated at all. I was quite pleased with the results, too. I had too generous a serving with some hapa rice (actually 75-25 brown-white) while I did a little bit of writing.

I put a few podcasts on while I decluttered. Got through a medium-sized plastic file box and a large tub. I think about half the stuff in both containers went to the trash, but these were at the top of a large stack in my living room, so it’s recent stuff, actual stuff in current use. However, this stuff is (mostly) now in assigned spaces. Some of it (a few concert posters, a few ticket stubs, a few notes from friends) is keepsake stuff I still don’t know what to do with, so it went into a keeper tub, which went to the storage corner of my laundry room.

It was good progress, especially since the only reason I actually got into it was because I thought I should. I wasn’t feeling it until I was well into the task. But yay.

I rewarded myself with some idle, wasted time playing stupid phone games. Again. Got the munchies a little late, one of the rare instances where I craved something sweet, so I broke open a package of maple creme Oreos I’ve had in the pantry for a few weeks. They’re good, and I enjoyed four of them before shutting everything down for the night.

Crush Girl and I sent a few texts back and forth, sporadically through the day. One of the movies we talked about Thursday was in the news late Friday, so I sent her a link. Jocelyn and I traded some Gchat messages about Juju Chang’s newphew, a pitcher for the Dodgers.

After three straight three-day weekends, I’m going to have some diffculty getting into the groove this week. Gotta make the most (and maybe the least, at the same time) of my Sunday.

But I’ve got room for you, if you need someone to connect with. Leave a comment. I’ll send contact info.

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