Lockdown: Hashing it out

The worst thing about not sleeping well Saturday night is the decisions one must make Sunday morning. Get up in time for the 7:00 football games, or sleep in and be content with whatever the late games are?

A quick look at the schedule made the choice for me. The Raiders-Patriots game was on. I had plans for Sunday and I chose tiredness over accomplishing less. Never mind that some of the accomplishments were of trivial worth.

I spent daylight hours mostly doing small housekeeping things and a little bit of work. When the late game — the Packers and Saints — ended, I went to the office. My software didn’t need updating, which is usually the only thing that gets me in there these days, but I left some housekeeping unfinished last weekend.

I took care of some busy work. Forms, emails, getting my parking sticker updated, that kind of thing, then continued work on my file cabinet. My files may not be super organized now, but the cabinets are tidy as heck. I brought most of my stuff home for the kind of sorting I’ve been doing on stuff in my house; I also took some stuff from home to the office. I have a rather huge collection of pre-printed stationery, stuff I collected during my teaching years.

It became something of a signature of mine to print my forms on pretty stationery. I was kind of overwhelmed by the amount of forms I had to keep track of every day when I started at Assets, and one way for me to keep it all straight was to print it all on its own stationery. Beach stationery for the daily attendance. Flower statinery for the study hall assignment slips. That kind of thing.

I also had a few assignments for my frosh computer applications courses involving preprinted stationery, so I purchased it whenever it was on sale in the office supply stores, which was almost every season. Halloween paper went on sale in November; Easter paper went on sale in April.

Of course I held on to it all because when I left Assets I thought I’d be back in some classroom somehwere before too long. This is unlikely now, so I’ve brought the stationery with me wherever else I’ve worked. It comes in handy.

I hadn’t taken it to my current job because I packed it away when I left the engineering firm and didn’t get around to unpacking it until decluttering Thursday evening. It looks pretty great in my file cabinet drawer at the office now. All that’s missing is someone to need it.

It felt good to declutter my cubicle space. I still have a little more to do, but not much more. The file cabinets are so tidy! It’s very satisfying.

I got home very tired, but I made the mistake of firing up Pitch Perfect and got sucked in. By the time I was done, I still had a few Sunday evening chores to take care of, which lasted halfway through a second viewing. Then I read a little, did the Monday crossword, and felt the naughty thrill of enjoying the super-early hours for the first time in a while. I let the vampire out of the cave and it reveled.

Fell asleep somewhere around 3:30, guilty, slightly ashamed, dreading the alarm clock, and writing off the planned Monday morning ride to the beach.

Breakfast was some corned beef hash and eggs with hapa rice. Lunch-dinner was Korean takeout, picked up on my way to the office. It was also a late-night snack. Somewhere in between, I had a couple of clementines.

Crush Girl texted a few times. She had some work stress, and I was happy to let her vent. I hope she works it out; things seem kind of bad.

If you need someone to chat with in these dark days, I invite you to leave a comment. I’ll send you my contact info and we can exchange complaints about work and the Raiders. Or whatever.

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