Lockdown: Bin a long time

Monday was the first Monday I was at work since before Labor Day. I was so tired from the stupid vampire hours Sunday that I didn’t even think about the beach. Just dragged myself from between the sheets and got to work at the appointed time.

The sad thing about my tidy file cabinet drawers is that I spent so much time on them and don’t even get to appreciate them since I haven’t officially worked in my cube since the middle of March and don’t expect to before 2021. My Monday would have been a lot better if I’d used that time getting my actual work done.

Or finishing my edits on Hawaii Stories. Argh.

Am I spread thinly these days? Gosh, it doesn’t feel like it.

I am not complaining, but this writing life is so strange sometimes.

After work I did some housecleaning related to the Beast. Also related to the Monster. Some of those stray, severed limbs I said were hidden about. I took care of their disgustingness. I’m certain I’m still not done with that, but it’s nice that what was a weekly two-hour ordeal has been reduced to occasional fifteen-minute unpleasantness.

There was room in the trash bin (sort of a no-no nowadays), so I cut up and flattened a good number of empty Amazon boxes, and that filled the bin right up. Making my life less of a shambles, one weekly trip to the curb at a time.

Breakfast was corned beef hash, hapa rice, and eggs again. I didn’t want unused portion from breakfast Sunday to sit in my fridge long, as that’s the kind of thing that tends to be orphaned. No room for orphans in my little dorm fridge. That was good to cover me for lunch too, with some clementines early, and a few maple creme Oreos later.

Dinner was leftover mapo tofu. I think it tasted better the second day, and there’s plenty left.

Jennifer sent me a text link to some video of the orphaned sea otter (orphans again…) eating ice. Very cute. Sylvia texted me to ask about where the good spots are for parking at Ala Moana if she wants to jump in the water where there are no rocks. I gave her my advice. Try the Kewalo end, beginning twenty yards east of the first showers and you can jump in anywhere east until just past the lifeguard tower. Then it’s rocky until just east of the pavilion, after which it’s smooth sailing all the way to Magic Island.

Crush Girl and I traded just a few text messages. She was doing something fun and I preferred not to bother her, mostly. I still did, but only near the end of the day.

I went to bed early but slept terribly again Monday night. Woo. The hits keep coming!

Don’t forget to reach out if you’d like some connectivity during this everlasting pandemic. Just leave a comment.

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