Lockdown: Chiseling

Oooookay Wednesday. I went to bed early (with Darth Vader) but woke up only three hours later. Lately this is bad news. I wake up, stumble to the bathroom, tumble back into bed, and sometimes get right back to sleep. Sometimes, though, I can’t shut off my brain.

This was one of those times. I really tried, but after a while I just gave up. Read the news on my phone while listening to a podcast. Got up a little earlier than usual to refill my drinking water and do the laundry.

Normally, I go to the laundry looking forward to the alone time in some space not my home. There’s also the satisfaction of taking care of a pain-in-the-neck chore in a nice, responsible way. But early Wednesday morning I was just so, so tired. I knew I wasn’t going to the beach after, and I knew I’d do better just to fill my water containers and go back home to bed.

But then I’d either have to do my laundry Thursday morning or Friday morning, or wait until next week. Although I have a built-in time cushion and can go a week without doing laundry, not to mention those two other mornings this week, in any of those cases I would then be doing my laundry because I had to. I preferred to do it because it’s when I choose to do it. I sucked it up, hit the McD’s drive-through, and enjoyed the drive to Manoa. Tired.

It was crazy there this week. Although I was by myself, most of the machines were in operation. Yeah, most. I’ve never seen it like that in the wee hours. So yeah, as my clothes went through their cycles, other laundry-doers cycled in and out, and when I left there were four of us in there, one of whom wasn’t giving me enough space. It was a little stressful.

Hey, I got it done. I drove straight home and went back to bed and got three solid hours of Darth-Vader-enabled sleep. They were bliss. The three best hours of sleep I’ve had in a thousand years, I think.

Work was a dragon. I tried to finish something and it basically took until past midnight. For about nine paragraphs of writing. I had a good idea, finally, but putting into action and then modifying it, while supremely fascinating, was laborious. Honestly, I can’t describe what I did here, and if you read what I wrote you wouldn’t see it, but there’s some pretty high-level process going on, in a way I was worried I didn’t have anymore.

It looks a little simple, but as you know readability isn’t easy to produce. And I built it up to readability with something a bit more complicated. I’m — feeling a sense of accomplishment, even though my boss sent it back for a little more work.

Of course that’s accompanied by a crapload of self-loathing because I sat in front of the keys for way too long. I had to put Pitch Perfect 2 into the Blu-Ray player. And watched it twice while I worked.

Okay that’s a lie. I didn’t put it in there. It lives there.

Breakfast was a Big Mac combo. At the laundry. Lunch was leftover hapa rice and leftover chicken-kabocha soup. Man it was good. Still have one more meal’s worth left. I was too involved in my work to have dinner, and ate far too many spicy dill pickle Lay’s chips instead. Great. And when I was still up at 1:30, I went back to the McD’s drive-through for a local deluxe breakfast platter. And I didn’t get to sleep until around 5:00 Thursday morning.

Yay, me!

I have absolutely no opinion on the quality of my Wednesday, but geez I’m glad it’s over.

I texted Sylvia a bunch in the evening, to see how she was doing in her new position. Texted my sister to see how she’s doing. She says pretty well. Penny texted me when she found out about a new appointment of a mutual friend who’s a judge to a new position. Jennifer sent me more otter stuff but I haven’t looked at it yet. Ryan texted me to continue an email conversation we had. Someone sent Hawaii Stories a little peeved-off letter. It’s a good letter.

Okie dokie. Time to get something else done. Hit me up in comments if you want some connection in these pathetic pandemic days. Don’t go through this alone.

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