Lockdown: Easy like Saturday morning

My plan for Saturday was just to take it easy. A mix of getting stuff done and doing nothing, all at my own pace. I mostly succeeded. I even took a short nap with Darth Vader, interrupted only because I didn’t want to miss the evening news, which is stupid because there’s never really any news Saturday anyway, and I keep forgetting that KITV has been preempting the ABC national news because of college football. It delivers an abbreviated national news on its own, then goes into local news, and that’s just not what I have in mind. I want my David Muir. Oh wait. Tom Llamas on weekends.

I listened to both baseball games: the Astros eliminating the Yankees and the Dodgers forcing a game 7 against the Braves. Did the Sunday crossword early (21 minutes). Listened to music. Watched Pitch Perfect 2 one and a half times, skipping scenes I’m not especially fond of. It was a good day off.

I picked up a peach-pear pie from Hawaiian Pie Co., this time on the recommendation of my coworker Matthew, whom I saw in the bakery parking lot last weekend. It’s a good pie, but it doesn’t break my top three at this bakery.

So breakfast and lunch were a slice of pie and a footlong turkey sandwich from Subway. For dinner I finished off the pumpkin-kabocha pie. I also finished off the flaming hot dill pickle Lay’s chips.

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a metal blog. Just a place to put all my reviews where others might find them interesting. There’s a blog I really like, and it occasionally auditions new talent, but I’ve been thinking that I don’t really want to write reviews in the format they use. I want to be freer to play around. Concise reviews mixed in with lengthier track-by-track examinations, maybe, and the occasional rumination on the genre and its subgenres. I don’t know.

I sometimes have difficulty just sitting down to write this every day, which I’m committed to until some kind of normalcy returns. Maybe I’ll wait.

Not much texting. Ali responded to my long eHarmony story and sent me some cat photos.

I haven’t seen my Kindle in a month or so. I’m beginning to grow concerned.

Leave a comment if you’re not getting enough connectivity. The world sucks these days and some of us are losing sleep. But reach out anyway. I’ll do what I can, I suppose!

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