Lockdown: Medium tedium

(sing it with me) I slept terribly Saturday night and got up Sunday around 7:30 just to get it over with. The terrible sleep, I mean. The Raiders had a bye week, so I wasn’t super interested in the early Sunday games, although I had them on as I went through the morning routine and they were pretty good.

Still trying to work something out that allows me to spend a few hours in the office on the weekends while avoiding coworkers and still seeing the games I want on Sundays, I went to the office in the morning. I figured I could skip the early games and get home in time for most of the late morning games and the late afternoon game.

Picked up brunch at Grace’s. Chicken katsu and mochiko chicken. Worked pretty efficiently, although the work itself was a slog. I’m posting some stories I finished to the company website, but I wanted to take advantage of the office wifi while I was there, managing the images for all three stories at once and then uploading them in advance of posting and editing the stories.

It took a while, editing each photo and then individually uploading each photo with alt text and whatever else I had to add. Tedious.

I also updated software on the work laptop and worked on updating my binders. More tedium, but it felt good to put them back on my shelf with stuff updated and in order.

The goal was to be out of the office at noon, but I didn’t get out until two. Five hours, but they were productive, comfy, and relaxed, which they wouldn’t have been with coworkers in the building. If I make this my routine (when the Raiders aren’t on in the early morning) and cut it back to three hours, I’ll be pretty dang happy.

I got home in time for the late game, the 49ers and Rams. I have to admit my heart wasn’t really in it despite my fantasy football interests on both sides. Jimmy Garoppolo looked sharp in the first half, though, in a way that goes beyond what I believe every NFL quarterback is capable of on a good day. He looked a bit sloppier in the second half, but his team won.

Dinner was the rest of the four-bean salad. I did a few chores, read the news, worked the Monday NYT crossword early (in 4:14) and turned in before 9:00. It was an easy puzzle; I was disappointed I didn’t break 4:00.

I took a break from Van Halen and listened to new albums by Calyces (plural form of Calyx!), Lord Almighty, and Version Eight. Calyces and Version Eight were especially intriguing. I really like the dark progressive metal sound of Calyces, but the songs aren’t very memorable. Still a band to keep an eye on. Version Eight appears to be a one-man operation. Very positive, up-mood, djenty, metal-leaning progressive rock.

New Bruce Springsteen Friday, and new Fates Warning the Friday after that. What a good year for music, at least with the release calendar. I’m pretty sure that takes care of major releases until the end of the year, which will hopefully give me a chance to catch up on my list before 2021, if it ever gets here.

Ali and I did a lot of texting about someone she told me about a couple of years ago. Crush Girl and I traded a few texts about some eating spots. Sundays are always light for texting.

Leave a comment if you’re going through pandemic days without enough connectivity. Let’s work something out so you’re not dealing with this crap alone.

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