Lockdown: Roger Dodger and Rays of light

It’s going to be a few days before I brave the ocean again, assuming we don’t get more rain like we had, so I didn’t worry too much about getting up early Tuesday. Slept terribly again, then got right to work. I still didn’t have the kind of day I like, but it was almost okay, productivity-wise. I posted a donor student impact story, only my second post on the website. It was stressful, but I thought I did okie dokie.

Strangely, some of the best work came while I had the World Series on the TV. I don’t like the Dodgers and I do like the Rays. But the teams are successful for very similar reasons, because Dodgers team president Andrew Friedman changed the way baseball is played — when he was with the Rays.

Friedman is not a jock. Well, he played baseball at Tulane on a scholarship, but that was where his athletic career ended. He was a Wall Street analyst before joining the Rays, applying his understanding of markets and valuation to the world of baseball, and as I said: it changed everything.

Whichever teams wins the World Series, it will be because of Andrew Friedman. Cool story. The Dodgers have been screwed in recent years, the best team in baseball a few times but loser in the playoffs because of cheaters. That’s not sports-fan hyperbole; the Astros admitted they cheated, and some of the Red Sox, who beat the Dodgers in the World Series later, were involved in the Astros’ cheating.

So it will be a good story, no matter which team wins. I almost always root for the AL team, but I will be pretty happy if the other team wins, too.

After work, I did a couple of quick chores and got ready for the laundry. Got to bed around 8:30 but couldn’t fall asleep until 10:00.

Breakfast and lunch were leftover angel hair, and dinner was a slice of peach-pear pie. Boy, that leftover pasta was delicious.

Texted kind of a lot with Crush Girl, mostly about my work. She was a good ear. Ali sent me a selfie showing her still wearing Hawaii jewelry and clothing, which she says she’s planning to wear throughout the New England winter. There were a few other texts here and there about little things, just reminders, I think, that we all existed.

I exist. You exist. If it doesn’t always feel that way in the context of this idiotic pandemic, I encourage you to reach out. Just leave a comment and I’ll send you my contact info. I don’t always return texts very quickly, but I eventually get back to everyone. I think!

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