Lockdown: I got a little behind

I slept pretty well Monday night, once I got to sleep, but because I turned in so late (after 3:00), I only got four hours or so. This made work kind of a struggle. I’m already behind on some of the web work, thanks to my having been behind on the print editing. It made for a stressful morning. I was called on my tardiness, too, and I couldn’t make any excuses except that the web stuff is new to me and I’m still finding my workflow.

Somehow, I got kind of a lot done, even making room for several phone calls and a couple of emails asking for editing advice. By the late end of my work day (close to 7:00), I was spent.

I lounged for about an hour and then took care of my getting-ready-for-laundry-night chores. Got to bed later than planned (9:00) and didn’t get to sleep until quarter to ten. Then of course I woke up at 11:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep for an hour.


The World Series is over and the Los Angeles Dodgers are the champs. It was an outstanding series, one of the best I’ve seen. I had the game on while I worked, and it was lovely background music as I ran through my tasks.

I picked up breakfast and lunch at Rainbows. Portuguese sausage, eggs, and rice for breakfast. It was okay. I really should have just made it at home, since I have all the ingredients in my fridge and most of these take-out joints don’t use the best sausage. Boneless chicken for lunch. It was a lot of food but I was ravenous, and I planned to skip dinner.

I texted a bit with Sharon, starting off with some work stuff and moving into regular chitchat about a UPS shipment she was waiting for and a UPS shipment I received (I ordered a small sampler from Maui Chocolate because I’m writing a story about the proprietor). We also talked a little about making mochi and voting.

The rest of my texts Tuesday were work-related. Except for the World Series and (later) some Armored Saint music, it was a rather work-centric day, which is fine for a Tuesday.

I’m a little behind on returning texts, but if you need some connectivity in the doldrums of pandemic living, leave a comment and I’ll send you some contact deets. I got you. Maybe a few days late, but I got you.

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