Lockdown: Hanging on with gritted teeth

I was slammed with work Thursday. Nothing urgent. The first half of my day was kind of in cruise mode. I did work, but nothing was due. Everyone else in my department was up against it, though, so I took on someone’s task and that was kind of urgent, and it was tedious and long. I didn’t hate it. But wow, did it take some time.

I did take a few breaks along the way, to rest my brain, but I didn’t really finish things until 8:00 in the evening, and I had gotten off to an early start Thursday morning hoping I might be able to clock out early and watch a movie or something.

The best laid schemes.

And I was tiiiiiiiiiired. Terrible sleep Wednesday night. Dragging past the finish line on that task late Thursday. It was a bit of a struggle.

I did the Friday NYT crossword Thursday before bed. It was challenging and I got one square wrong. Careless! If I had thought for one minute I would have known it was a bad square. It was initially an unnoticed typo, one that made a legit word. So when I did a quick check, I just read the answers to see if they were actual words I knew. It was stupid.

Then I just went to bed. I was tired. I took a while to fall asleep but finally conked out around 10:30 I think.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were just Portuguese bean soup. I didn’t even really have a dinner; just got by on what I had for lunch, really. It was good but I’m fairly sure I’ll be tired of this dish in a few days.

Desi sent me more texts about our friend whose mom died. I feel terrible, and I know Desi feels terrible. She was so close to that family while we were in school at Hilo. Ali texted to tell me the regular Kindle is $60 now. Useful to know but once I’ve had a Paperwhite I really don’t think I can ever go to a Kindle, except as an inexpensive backup. But then that’s what I’ve got a phone and tablet for, you know? Not the same thing, but neither is the regular Kindle.

Crush Girl had a little bit of work stress Thursday so I texted to check on her. The stress thing went well, so that was nice to hear. Then we talked a little about her next baking project. I’m a little concerned about her peace of mind lately, but then I’m concerned about my own as well, and as I’ve privately messaged other friends, I’m hearing the same from them. We’re all hanging on with gritted teeth.

That was my Thursday. Not much to talk about, really. And I’m glad I got through it.

If your teeth are gritted too and you don’t have someone to connect with over it, leave a comment. I’m here.

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